Refine Your Strategy with Video KPIs

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How do you know if your video campaigns are effective? Video Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics to help you refine your strategy and content – if you have a solid measurement plan in place. You can use video metrics to test how well your video performs, giving you insight into the best video content and placement. In the last post of Signal’s 3-part series on video marketing, you’ll learn how to measure your efforts and get the most ROI.

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Consider these 5 video KPIs to track effectiveness

  1. Views – the most basic metric meant to track the reach of videos, especially on social media. This is a good gauge of increased exposure and brand awareness. Keep in mind, though, that it offers no more than the number of times people clicked “play.”
  2. Social sharing – a solid metric to track brand awareness on social platforms. More shares means more exposure. This metric has an added bonus. When someone shares content, it adds credibility and helps foster community around it: both good things to understand. People who share more have probably gone through the conversion process!
  3. Comments and feedback – a useful way to give you qualitative data to balance out the quantitative. Comments will give you an idea about how your target audience is responding to video content but remember – you’re getting just a snapshot of opinion.
  4. Engagement and view through rate – Engagement provides insight into how much of your video someone watched, while view through rate tells you how many people watched your entire video. Together, they help you understand when people stop viewing your content so you can optimize your message.
  5. Bounce rate – a metric that tells you what percentage of visitors leave your site after visiting just one page. The bounce rate on a landing page can tell you how well an explainer video is performing, for example. If the “bounce” is high, it means people are not sticking around to click links and complete the conversion process.

Best practices for optimal ROI

Remember that shareable content is clear, engaging and short – this goes for videos, too. Place your videoabove the fold” (the sweet spot that appears without scrolling) – and keep it to around 600 x 400 pixels in size. Finally, when posting video to Facebook, keep in mind that native videos have a 10x higher reach than a link to YouTube!

Still not convinced? Consider the superiority of video

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