Built to deliver exceptional work exceptionally well.

Signal’s well-seasoned teamwork flows across disciplines to craft customer-focused solutions.

With our proven expertise and responsive service, Signal is your team's go-to partner.


We have 30+ years in the business, and have enjoyed 15-20 year relationships with some of the world’s leading companies. With Signal, you’ll get a partner, not a vendor.


With an average employee tenure of 13 years, you can think of our veteran team as your “special forces” unit, known for a unique ability to make challenges easy for you. With Signal, you’ll get the A-Team.


We are strategists, writers, designers and technologists with a superior mix of services, who will never lean to one solution. We figure out what is right for you.

Meet Your Signal Team

With every individual contributing their unique talents and vision to our collective Creative Intelligence, this is the Signal business family.

Ricky Haynes


Phil Stephens

Partner / VP Client Services

Jim Ellis

Partner / VP Business Development

Caitlin Carroll

Digital Marketing Specialist

Deborah Cruz

Art Director

Spencer Dockery

Senior Account Manager

Greg Galloway

Senior Art Director

Emily Hamel

Interactive Design Director

Ashley Strange Hunter

Senior Account Manager

Patrick Jones

Video Director

April Kilpatrick

Senior Art Director

Robert Locklear

Technology Director

Kevin Pojman

Creative Director

Meghann Porter

Digital Marketing Director

Chris Robinson

Director of Web Development

Jennifer Salter

Account Manager

Gabriel Simm

Application Developer

Shawn Thompson

Application Developer

Donald Trull

Copy Director

Kyle Wilson

Account Executive

Every customer deserves an exceptional experience.

This commitment is what gets us out of the bed every morning. If Creative Intelligence is Signal’s collective brain, then the exceptional experience is our beating heart. We understand the transitive property of making our clients look like heroes, and helping them make their own customers happy in turn.

Want to join
our team?

If you’re interested in working at Signal, please check out our current job openings on our Careers page.
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