Creative Catalysts: Generative AI Tools from Adobe

By Kevin Pojman


Every day, Signal’s creative team finds solutions when available content elements are less than ideal. Whether it’s headshots that are too low-resolution, stock photos that need editing, or video clips with poor audio, we try our best to work our magic – but sometimes the results can still be pretty lousy. But new breakthroughs in generative AI are giving us more capabilities to save the day.

Adobe’s suite of generative AI tools presents a cutting-edge evolution in creative technology, with more sophisticated ways to address our clients’ challenges and enhance creative output. Our team is especially excited about the potential of the Adobe products Firefly and Podcast.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe is calling Firefly “your imagination’s new best friend.” It offers generative design features like text to image, text effects, generative fill, and generative recolor. Firefly can be used as a standalone web app or integrated into Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Express, or Adobe Stock.

  • Generative Fill. Even highly skilled designers can find it daunting to remove distracting objects from backgrounds or insert elements in a way that looks natural. Generative Fill allows them to save time and effort by simplifying the process of adding, replacing, or removing specific parts of images. It’s a great way to make a portrait-oriented photo fill a horizontal space, for example.


  • Generative Recolor. Want the people in a stock photo to be wearing the colors of your brand? Using tool allows designers to recolor images with ease. Whether it be for mood boards or marketing materials, Generative Recolor allows users to quickly explore a multitude of different color variations.

  • Text to Image. So the ad concept needs to show a middle-aged woman on roller skates walking a dog in an autumn scene by the Eiffel Tower. But there’s no stock photos matching that, and a custom shoot is out of the question. When all else fails, the Text to Image feature of Adobe Firefly allows users to create images by simply inputting a text prompt.

Adobe Podcast

This standalone web app provides audio editors with tools to quickly elevate audio to create professional-sounding voiceovers and podcasts. Adobe Podcast can also be applied to video files, such as recordings of webinars or video conference calls which often have suboptimal sound quality.

  • Enhance Speech. When dealing with poorly recorded audio, previously our team might have to spend hours applying filters and balancing levels to make things sound fractionally better. With Enhance Speech, editors can use AI to quickly remove ambient noise and echo from voice recordings, making them immediately much more professional and easier to understand.


  • Other Tools. With the app still in beta, Adobe is currently fleshing out features like Studio and Mic Check, which will allow users to edit audio in browser and improve microphone setup before recording, respectively.

Signal’s core value of creative intelligence is centered around combining creativity and technology. While we are excited to utilize and explore Adobe’s AI features as they continue to develop, we recognize that these tools are no substitute for human creativity. Rather, AI serves as a catalyst in certain creative processes, and offers powerful new shortcuts to tackle long-recurring client challenges.


Kevin Pojman

Creative Director

With 20+ years of experience in designing print and interactive experiences, Kevin joined the Signal team in 2022. His extensive portfolio includes corporate & consumer identity, print collateral design, packaging design, branded interiors & exteriors, motion graphics, website and social media development. His work has been featured in leading design publications and displayed in museum galleries. Kevin graduated from East Carolina University with a B.F.A. degree in Communication Arts.

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