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XiLi Mobile is a software-as-a-service real estate tool that uses mobile technology and automation to connect home buyers to relevant listings. From anywhere in the U.S., buyers can send a text message and immediately receive a personalized URL to view listing information for nearby properties for sale. In addition, buyers can connect with the associated sales agents via SMS.

Real estate brokerages pay a subscription fee to have their listings given featured priority in XiLi’s database and to receive leads via SMS. Text messages create the opportunity for immediate dialogue between buyers and agents.

XiLi Mobile is web-based – not a native app – and features a simple and sleek user interface with a responsive design that is optimized for any browser-enabled smartphone.

The application connects with multiple national MLS databases to continually refresh information for approximately 2 million real estate listings. Integration with a variety of third-party APIs enables text messaging, geo-location and payment functionality to automate all business processes.

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