Website UX: Don’t Leave Users Hanging

By signal

Improving 404 error and post-conversion pages

Imagine someone cruising along and enjoying the journey, when a DEAD END sign suddenly appears. It can feel like a frustrating slap in the face! The same thing happens online with website dead ends that jolt users right out of the experience. The “endgame stage” of the user journey is an opportunity to create engagement, nurture leads and move traffic, so don’t miss it. Consider these tips to help improve the user experience with your website.

Do a detailed walkthrough

Look at your current content and navigation – including things like your information architecture, site map and user interface. Your goal is to root out spots where users are left hanging. If users have made a purchase, filled out a contact form, registered for an event or read a blog post, what happens after they complete the action? Ask yourself what you want users to do – and then funnel them to the next step with a cool link or clear call to action. Seems pretty simple, but these things are often overlooked during design.

Try these 2 ways to improve your UX

  1. The smart 404 page

Ease the frustration of a missing webpage or lack of search results with a smart 404 page. It’s a great place to play with design and copy – or even to incorporate gamification or interactivity. The Signal 404 page gives people multiple ways out, making the 404 but a minor delay. Here are some other inspiring examples:

  1. Thank you page with a twist

The thank you or “success” page is often a missed opportunity to set expectations – what’s happening now, after they’ve purchased your product or filled out your form? Keep people moving by including:

  • High-value product or project links
  • Helpful content, like white papers or videos
  • Special offers or promo codes
  • Social sharing and referral features
  • Feedback opportunities

Read our new white paper, User-Centered Design Playbook, to find expert tips on improving the UX / CX of your website.

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