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Strategy and content that get results

Signal creates and executes organic and paid social media marketing to build key audience engagement and loyalty.

Our Work

Organic social

We produce social media content tailored to your digital strategy and editorial calendar. Steps include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Content strategy and development
  • Define and align business goals and objectives with social media goals and metrics
  • Define primary and ancillary audiences
  • Review existing social presence for audience size, post frequency, types of content, hashtag usage
  • Evaluate key competitors’ social presence
  • Develop relevant hashtags, subject matters and creative themes
  • Define style guides for each respective channel focusing on tone, visual treatments and how to engage viewers
  • Develop calendar for post types and frequency

Paid social

  • Audience targeting: Segment personas and use unique targeting tools available on LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, and Twitter
  • Budgeting: Define objectives and tactics to help determine estimated audience sizes and budgets needed to obtain desired goals on time
  • Strategy: Create a full-funnel strategy for each platform, including recommended account structure, campaign setup details, recommended ad formats and high-level creative concepts
  • Campaign asset creation: Build out ads for efforts across the funnel, including multiple ad sets per campaign, and multiple ad variations per set
  • Tracking & management: Set up the account, install pixels and configure conversion tracking, create audiences and build out campaigns, and then proactively monitor engagement, optimize and build upon the program

Full-funnel ad strategy sample

 Top of Funnel (TOF)Middle of Funnel (MOF)Bottom of Funnel (BOF)
ObjectivesAwareness, ConsiderationConsideration, ConversionsConversions
Facebook ObjectivesReach, Landing Page ViewsLanding Page Views, Quote RequestsPurchase
Audience (Ad Set 1)

Women, Age 25-55, Parents of children under 9

Relationship status: divorced, separated, single, unspecified, widowed, it’s complicated, in a relationship

People who have been to the site in the last 30 daysRequested quote within last 30 days
Content IdeasFAQs – What is life insurance? What is term life insurance? How long should my term last? What kind of life insurance do I need? How much do I need? How much does it cost?

Dispel cost myth: You’d be surprised how much coverage you get for as little as $20 / month.

Talk about how easy it is: A few simple online questions – instant quote – it’s that easy.

Urgency: x% of households could be bankrupt in months if they lost their primary breadwinner. Don’t put it off. Get a policy that covers your family at a price you can afford.

Brands we work with

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