Brand Strategy

Create or update your brand

We can help you update your brand for changing times, or create a new one from the ground up, with attention to messaging, design and the customer experience.

Our Work

A compelling employment brand can engage current employees and attract new ones to your organization.


  • Conduct corporate branding online surveys
  • Conduct competitive analysis of corporate or employment brand
  • Hold interactive brand discovery sessions with key stakeholders to capture insights into what makes your brand unique, including:
    • Competitive landscape
    • Business goals
    • Key audiences / personas
    • Values
    • Mission and vision
    • Your “why” or organizational purpose

Brand message development

  • Develop and finalize messaging platforms, including:

    • Brand essence and promise
      • Who we are / how we help our customers
    • Brand differentiators
      • What sets your company apart
    • Brand personality / voice
      • Content and tone guidelines
    • High-level key messages / proof points
    • Writing and style guidelines

Brand design / look and feel

  • Develop and finalize the look and feel of your brand, including:

    • Logo
    • Color palette
    • Typography
    • Imagery
    • Iconography

    Our team has superior skills in developing comprehensive brand guides that address both messaging and design.

Brands we work with

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