Onsite Deployment Unit Campaign





In response to the needs of their pharmaceutical clients, IQVIA established an Onsite Deployment Unit (ODU), a large pool of analytics professionals ready to provide commercial operations support at a client’s premises anywhere in Europe. Because the new ODU team represented an innovative new resource previously unavailable in the region, IQVIA wanted to get the word out to their sales personnel in a vivid and memorable way.


IQVIA asked Signal to develop a creative promotional kit to be mailed to the salesforce in three installments. Signal presented several concepts, from which the client chose a secret agent/mission briefing theme. With a colorful retro style that evokes James Bond and Mission: Impossible, the mailers introduced the sales representatives to the ODU in the form of a mission dossier on a new “secret weapon” at their disposal to provide a higher level of service to their customers. We kept the focus on the salesforce audience, explaining how the ODU can help them look like a hero and detailing the rewards to be earned by successfully “completing the mission.”

Rather than sending simple postcards that might be disregarded, IQVIA wished to send intriguing packages to get the sales representatives’ attention. Each mailer contained a secret “mission communiqué” message that could be read with the use of an enclosed color filter spyglass decoder. Also included with each mailing was a special spy-themed trinket, such as a USB flash drive pen, a cocktail kit or a toy Aston Martin car.


The client was pleased with the response to this creatively engaging campaign. Numerous ODU placement contracts were signed and the salesforce gained awareness of the new resource going forward.

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