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In 2020, the world shut down. In 2021, the world adapted. Signal launched into 2021 with excitement, and it’s that eager stamina that led to one of our strongest years yet. Adaptation is not easy, but it’s the challenges of the past few years that have helped us grow to who we are today.

Over the past year, Signal transitioned to a new office space while giving employees the option to work remotely full-time. Despite changes in our physical work environment, our productivity never ceased. In fact, we continued to grow, expanding our business in sectors such as life sciences and manufacturing.

With the world rapidly changing around us, the need for a strong digital presence has increased. Our clients look to us to not just meet that need, but surpass it.

“The types of jobs that we worked on this year are completely different than the types of jobs that we worked on in previous years,” Phil Stephens, Signal Partner & VP, Client Services, said. “And we are dealing with new technologies that change the way we communicate.”

To meet the increased, more diverse demand, we’re scaling up and actively searching for more talent to add to our experienced team in the new year.

“It’s like a new generation of Signal,” President Ricky Haynes said. “Adding new perspectives and ideas, but also expanding the team and making us able to do even more.”

If one word could describe Signal’s year, it would be ‘resilient.’ 2021 was no match for Signal’s depth of experience.

“We have been able to persevere. To not only survive, but in many respects, flourish,” Phil said. “And none of this would be possible without great clients who also took a chance during uncertain times and put their trust in us.”

With the new year on the horizon, Signal is unwavering. In 2022, we celebrate 30 years of Signal. That’s 30 years of incredible clients, exceptional creativity, and most importantly, plain good work.

“Good work speaks for itself. If we continue to do good work for people, it takes care of itself like it did this year,” Jim Ellis, Partner & VP, Account Director, said.

2022 is a clean slate, bringing a fresh set of challenges and the overwhelming opportunity to look for more creative solutions. It’s in our DNA to adapt, and we will continue to do that. In doing so, we bring our core strengths forward in hopes to create our best work yet in the new year.

“Starting in January it’s new clients, new projects, new challenges and fresh perspectives,” John Gibson, Partner & VP, Creative Services, said. “Just trying to out-do the previous year.”

See you in 2022!

Claire Willmschen - Digital Marketing Director

By: Claire Willmschen

Claire is a native of Raleigh, NC who joined Signal in 2021. She is responsible for running and analyzing social media campaigns and other online advertising initiatives. Claire is Google Ads Search and Display certified, and working on Google Analytics certification. She enjoys dancing, reading, crossword puzzles and making and drinking coffee. Claire is a recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Media & Journalism and a double major in Dramatic Arts.


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