Quick Case Study: BRAX Fundraising

Situation: Our client BRAX Fundraising develops and delivers successful fundraising programs for schools and youth sports teams. In an effort to raise brand awareness, drive more traffic to their website and increase sales, BRAX launched a Back to School campaign at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. They chose to run an online banner ad campaign on the website of PTO Today, a publication for school volunteers in parent-teacher groups (PTOs and PTAs). Signal created a campaign banner ad and a promotional landing page. Schools signing up for a fundraiser were entered to win $1,000 worth of school supplies.

Learn MoreResults: With a $4,000 total investment (including the $1,000 prize value), the campaign produced 43 open fundraisers. While BRAX is still working to determine the final revenue numbers from the new fundraisers, based on average orders the campaign is projected to deliver $86,000 in revenue.

Why it worked: This particular campaign had a lot of positive factors working in its favor. A strong call to action spotlighting an appealing giveaway, good timing right before the start of the school year, a sense of urgency to act immediately, cohesive creative, and an overall successful connection to the needs of the target audience. BRAX even decided to run an unplanned second campaign for October.

Ashley S. Hunter - Account Manager

By: Ashley S. Hunter

Account Manager

Ashley worked in public relations and as a local news broadcast producer before joining Signal in 2012. She uses her account management experience and creative savvy to help generate tangible results for clients like G&S Communications and the North Carolina Medical Society. Her insider knowledge of PR, from story placement to event planning and social media, helps us create effective communication programs. She is known for her persistence and focus on giving our clients an exceptional experience.


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