Signal Case Study: GE Aviation Test Services Digital Marketing Awareness Program


With over 100 years of Aviation product design and testing experience, GE’s Test Services division has developed comprehensive and flexible testing processes and skills, including planning, design, instrumentation, test execution and beyond.

However, revenue was declining, and it needed to rebuild a sales pipeline. A root cause included a lack of external awareness of GE’s test service offerings.

After an extensive competitive analysis, GE Test Services determined which service offerings were most differentiated. A market assessment provided them the knowledge of which segments and target companies to approach, through what channels and with what offerings.

Our Solution

Signal worked with GE to design a 90-day awareness program on LinkedIn and Google Ads.

The goals included:

  • Increase awareness
  • Gain sales intelligence by reviewing reports of who was engaging with ads the most, and what offerings were in the highest demand.
  • Test the digital channels. GE Testing had never tried digital marketing, so this became their pilot program.

Signal created target audiences for the LinkedIn campaigns using an ABM model (knowing what companies to target and in what countries). We created ads using the highest potential service offerings.

For Google, Signal used persona data, a keyword starter list and competitive research to create the target key phrases and ad creative for search and remarketing ads.


We also updated the GE Aviation landing page to ensure content was engaging, digestible and tailored to the desired target audience.

Signal managed and optimized the program throughout the 90 days, meeting with GE every two weeks for lead feedback and campaign performance reporting.


The campaign exceeded all industry benchmark performance metrics. GE saw a 10x increase in unique visitors to the website. What’s more, because our campaign targeted a specific audience and specific key phrases, we know this traffic was coming from the right people.

GE also gained valuable sales intelligence. Our LinkedIn campaign reporting detailed what companies, geographic locations and job titles were most engaged. Google reporting detailed what offerings were in highest demand.

At the completion of the campaign, our GE Project Lead told us, “This campaign brought us one good opportunity, which in this business can mean a lot of revenue. Product development cycles are so long that it’s hard to expect prospects to be knocking our doors down, but this campaign absolutely exceeded my expectations for awareness.”

Signal and GE are currently continuing our partnership by working on similar campaigns.