Website Redesign

Precision BioSciences is a genome editing company dedicated to improving life. They seek to solve significant problems in oncology, genetic disease, agriculture and other critical fields using ARCUS, their proprietary genome editing platform. Precision collaborated with Signal to redesign their website, featuring tailored photography with a modern design. The invigorating new site showcases Precision’s distinctive solutions and the charismatic personality of their employees. Precision’s work is highly technical, so Signal incorporated custom illustrations to communicate the genome editing process to a wide variety of audiences in a clear and concise way.

New Marketing Frontier in Life Sciences: Our Upcoming Educational Blog Series

A recent AdWeek article titled “Welcome to the New Face of Big Pharma” examined how factors such as the Affordable Care Act are broadening the role of marketing to encompass “services, education, disease awareness and prevention.”

I agree with its premise that marketing will no longer simply be product centric. For pharmaceutical and medical device companies, marketing (especially for chronic diseases) will touch upon patient-support initiatives with the goal of changing patient behavior and ultimately driving positive outcomes.

For Contract Research Organizations and other service providers, marketing will drive lead generation and nurturing efforts by showcasing thought leadership and highlighting key differentiators in services such as patient recruitment and clinical trial monitoring.

New strategies and tactics will be needed to reach these aggressive marketing goals including the creation of personalized treatment communications and educational content. Successful multi-channel campaign components will include mobile applications, interactive web tools and portals as well as integrated social media efforts.

For the last few years, Signal has been successfully implementing these strategies on behalf of pharma, medical device and CRO clients. I guess our clients are the “early adopters,” which is great!

As a result, we felt compelled to share our expertise and knowledge in an upcoming content series that will communicate best practices, practical tips and what questions you need to ask to be successful.

The series, entitled Life Sciences Marketing: Insights for Positive Outcomes in 2014, is ideal for anyone in life sciences looking to add innovative new tactics to their 2014 marketing plans – tactics that provide ROI and help meet your business goals.

Topics will include:

  • Mobile and tablet applications
  • Web tools, portals and microsites
  • Leveraging data in marketing (infographics and eBooks)
  • Content marketing (lead generation and nurturing)
  • Marketing automation and analytics

Are there any subjects you’d like to see covered? If so, please email our life sciences team.