First in confidence

Building audiences and brand awareness

Attindas Hygiene Partners, a pioneer in incontinence products, engaged Signal the enhance the packaging and promotion for its Attends brand. Our objectives were to help the client build brand awareness and reach younger, more active users as well as caregivers. We redesigned retail packaging to help new buyers feel more confident. Signal assumed control of social media channels for planning, content development, design and development of visuals, and scheduling posts. We plan monthly editorial calendars with a mix of engaging content, driving traffic to designated “Where to Buy” pathways tracked to capture measurement.

Scope Of Work

For Attends in 2023, we increased audience by 220% compared to the previous period and increased engagement rate by 412%.

Another Attindas Brand Success Story

Attindas also produces Comfees, a premium diaper brand that has expanded from serving families with special needs children into general consumer retail. When Signal took on management of the Comfees social media channels, our objectives were to build audiences and brand awareness, promote associated communities and strategic partners, and measure traffic to designated “Where to Buy” pathways.

For Comfees in 2023, compared to the previous period, we INCREASED AUDIENCE by 21% and INCREASED ENGAGEMENT RATE by 154%
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