What’s the Touchstone for Your Business?

By signal

It’s said a thousand times a day, in a thousand different ways, that we are living in unprecedented times. By definition an unprecedented event is “without previous instance; never before known or experienced; unexampled or unparalleled.” And while history is replete with other deadly pandemics, COVID-19 and our actions to subdue it have caused massive disruptions to our personal and professional lives.

We are learning as we go to adapt to new ways of educating, cohabitating, telecommuting, meal prepping, conversing, worshipping, and even grieving. The necessity to adapt is no longer a prerogative – as Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

However, even necessary course corrections without foundational grounding can lead to unintended chaos and uncertainty. In my personal mind/body practice, I have found the use of touchstones, also known as palm stones, to be very effective in keeping me focused and engaged on mission-critical objectives. I keep a touchstone on my desk and in my pocket to serve as a visual and physical reminder to adapt only with purpose and intention.

So, what is the metaphorical touchstone for your business – what’s your grounding, as you adapt? Are you adhering to the sound business principles that you know to be universal and true, regardless of the distracting noise? Are you all-in with supporting the health of your corporate culture, your coworkers, your customers, your business partners, and yourself?

We are indeed all in this together and I dare say we need each other more than ever.

The staff at Signal has made a commitment that grounds us as we adapt to our changing world.

We will endeavor to provide the very best service and creative intelligence for our customers.

We will promote a healthy and vibrant internal culture that will be intentional and manifest itself in our good work.

We will be mindful to live personally and professionally with great humility and gratitude for successes earned, and lessons learned.

With intention,

Phil Stephens & your Signal family

photo credit: Sandy Pogue

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