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A positive user experience is critical to capturing attention and loyalty – ultimately increasing engagement and revenue. That’s why the Signal team has made UX / UI an inherent part of our iterative design and development process, to improve usability and performance.

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UX doesn’t have to be confusing, expensive or difficult. User experience design is really about taking common sense steps that we can help you implement, no matter where you are in the process.

Planning & research

Planning & research

  • Define project vision, business goals and objectives and KPIs / measurement plan
  • Review competitor websites, existing customer research and analytics
  • Define and/or refine user personas and create customer journey maps

Information architecture

  • Audit current website
  • Prioritize tasks for each page (what are the “jobs to be done”?)
  • Conduct user experience testing of current website (Preference tests, open and closed card sorting, etc.)
  • Update site maps based on testing insights
Information architecture

UX / UI design

UX / UI design

  • Create a plan for UX / UI improvements based on user research and testing
  • Develop wireframes of key pages to illustrate flow, functionality and layouts
  • Create high-fidelity screen designs of key pages and components for a clickable prototype

Testing & Optimization

  • Conduct user testing of new website with think-aloud sessions and other methodologies
  • Analyze user feedback to evaluate performance and further optimize the website
Information architecture

(NN/g Report: Usability Return on Investment (ROI))

Making UX an inherent part of your design and development process is a best practice that pays. In fact, it can help you increase your sales and conversion rate by 87% on average.

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