The Value of Human Connection in Video

By signal

When it comes to reaching an audience, video is unparalleled. And when it comes to creating a human connection, using people in videos is the key to success. Whether you’re creating internal messages or targeting your prime marketing audience, the voices – and faces – you use in a video can increase the effectiveness.

Creating connection

In business as in marketing, there are three key characteristics of success: relatability, leadership and emotional connection. That is especially true of video marketing. Faces and voices in a video create:

  • Connection – We empathize with other people via their facial cues and tone of voice.
  • Relationship – Eye contact makes a huge difference in the way people react to what a person is saying – even in video.
  • Human touch – Putting a face on the brand helps people emotionally connect with your product or message.

People love faces

The fact is, the best thing you can do to not only convey your message, but also elicit the precise emotional response you’re seeking is to put a face in your video. Studies show that the human brain has a special place for faces – dedicated neural circuits that respond only to faces.

As an example, consider whether employees would rather watch a personal video message from their CEO, or read an email with the same information. The video wins hands-down, and chances are high that the employees will remember the message for longer.

Voiceover spices up text

While most of our communication is geared to take in facial and body language cues, video voiceovers can also be a boost to video effectiveness when it’s not possible to include faces. A voice reading the text displayed in a video is still more engaging and memorable than text displayed alone.

What to look for in voiceover talent

Whether using in-house talent or a professional voiceover specialist, it is important that they be engaging and well-spoken to capture and hold your audience’s attention. Words should be articulated in a warm voice with expression, drawing the viewer in. It’s important to choose the right person for the job – someone with great energy who speaks with an authentic tone that adds credibility to what they’re saying.

Need help making your videos pop? Signal’s in-house experts are here to answer your questions.

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