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We develop targeted paid search and display plans that create awareness, drive conversions and generate leads across the entire customer journey.

Our Work

Search ads

  • Paid search using Google Ads is one of the most direct routes to leads because it shows ads to users who are actively researching what you offer.

    • Targeted paid search plans that expand beyond the bottom-of-the-funnel keywords using persona data and other research tools
    • Compelling ad + landing page combinations that uniquely speak to your audience – wherever they are in the funnel – and drive conversions to push them along further

Display ads & retargeting

  • Display advertising allows you to reach a wide range of customers, choose which sites your ads appear on, and engage people with custom messaging. Whether your objective is to create awareness, drive leads or stay top of mind as customers continue their research journey, our custom messaging can target people through a variety of methods:

    • Target people through relevant keywords, in-market or affinity audiences
    • Target people who came to the site and left without converting
    • Target people who converted in some way but are not yet fully sold

Campaign setup & management

  • Signal sets up your account, campaigns and ad groups. We also write effective ads, implement conversion tracking, and build upon the program:

    • Filter out wasteful, irrelevant clicks and non-converting traffic with negative keywords
    • Maximize relevance across campaigns for higher Quality Scores
    • Raise click-through rates with strong keyword, text ad, and ad group targeting
    • Expand and refine keywords, testing different match types for improved targeting
    • Test multiple text ads to optimize CTR, conversion rate and cost per conversion
    • Leverage applicable new features as they arise to improve performance

Organic search marketing research and planning

  • We can conduct a comprehensive review of:

    • Existing search engine visibility
    • Search visibility for top competitor(s)
    • Search volume trends, top keywords
    • How domain appears in search results pages
    • Accessibility, navigation issues, redirects
    • Use of H1, title and other tags
    • Mobile design
    • Social media presence
    • Intuitive navigation, link worthy content, freshness, frequency, overall design
    • Authority: what sites are linking to you, or your competitors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities

  • Key phrase research
  • Baseline SEO using best practices to make sure sites are search-engine friendly, with a “crawlable” structure, basic title tags, H1 tags, and redirects in place
  • Targeted SEO
  • Linkbuilding

Brands we work with

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