Rational Marketing

Planning and managing an omnichannel plan is endlessly complex. How can you know you’re using the right data, or ensure a smart, customer-first experience at every interaction?

Rational Marketing is our novel marketing process built on the factors involved that we CAN feel confident about.

Here is what we believe about you and your business.

You need to solve business problems and achieve your goals.
You count on marketing to deliver actual results, prove ROI and value.
You want your marketing efforts to be trustworthy, authentic, creative and intelligent, to perform well and be sustainable.
Anyone, even with limited time and budgets, can produce effective, successful campaigns.
With the right process and tools, you’ll see results quickly that will make you feel empowered and fulfilled.

Here is what we believe about Creative Intelligence

Intelligence with creativity

Creativity is always critical. But marketing agencies should balance creativity with intelligence – both human and artificial. Instead of taking risks that may fail to connect with your customers, you can leverage analytics and AI technology for creative that works.

Develop memorable experiences

You need to be creative to make your content attract attention and be memorable for your customers. You also need to be intelligent to make to make sure your message is properly communicated to achieve the intended goal most quickly and efficiently.

Suppose you had a tool that would provide a simple and effective, step-by-step process to create a marketing program that produces exceptional results.

Signal’s Rational Marketing approach does just that. With Rational Marketing you’ll have a framework to continually plan, execute, manage and monitor campaigns.

Conventional techniques no longer work in the complex world of multichannel marketing, where results can be at odds with resources and bandwidth – that’s why Signal created Rational Marketing.
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