Elevate your private equity portfolio with cutting-edge marketing team support.

Staying ahead in the dynamic world of private equity takes more than financial acumen – it demands a mastery of market dynamics, consumer behavior, and innovative strategies that propel portfolio companies to new heights. This is where Signal emerges as your strategic ally.

Beyond making your companies stand out online, we help you plan for ever-changing digital transformation and reshape the narrative of success. Our rational marketing solutions keep your brands running efficiently and profitably for the long term.

30+ years of seasoned experience powering our Creative Intelligence approach
Tailored strategies aligned with your brand goals and optimized for ROI
Cutting-edge analytics and AI-driven methodologies to give your portfolio a competitive edge
Brand strategies to craft compelling narratives, we elevate levels of brand equity, and adding bottom line value to your portfolio
Proven methods in lead generation and conversion optimization to maintain a steady influx of high-quality leads
Transformative digital strategies and tools to boost sales performance and customer conversion rates

Rational Marketing™

By partnering with Signal, you gain a strategic ally committed to propelling your portfolio companies to unparalleled success. Our goal is to exceed expectations by delivering a tangible and lasting impact on your bottom line. And to top it all, we don’t structure our pricing like traditional retainer-style agencies. We charge for work delivered. And then we do it all over again and again, to serve your team’s schedules and goals.

Let’s embark on a journey of strategic growth together. Schedule a consultation with us today and witness the transformation that awaits your portfolio.

Signal’s Core Services


Marketing Collateral

Backed by funding from a healthcare private equity firm, US Radiology Specialists is one of the nation’s largest and most progressive private radiology groups. Signal has supported 10 of its geographically diverse partner practices with sales collateral, direct mail and digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

As a master distributor of specialty fasteners in North America, LindFast Solutions Group has become a major conglomerate through mergers and acquisitions. Signal has supported the company’s broad family of brands through trade ads, sales collateral, email campaigns and social media marketing.

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