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There’s a special sauce that can take your marketing emails from meh to marvelous. And that’s critically important in a world where American adults say they spend an unbelievable 10 hours, 39 minutes a day consuming media – much of that on mobile devices. If you want your audience to be engaged – and to click that call-to-action! – you’ve got to make sure your emails are on point. These 4 steps can help get you there.

4-step recipe for marvelous email marketing



Ewoks. Talk about living. Did you click that link? Of course you did. We all want to know why ewoks have it so good.

Using an interesting headline or intriguing first sentence draws the reader in, so your copy has the chance to keep them.

What would you rather click on?

  • Exciting NEW Business Opportunity!!!
  • It’s just like a platter of loaded nachos.

I rest my case.


Practice “word economy.” When brevity counts, so does choosing just the right word.

People make a snap decision to read or delete based on the preview they see on a mobile device.

About 18 words are displayed in the preview, which MarketingProfs calls the “most valuable real estate” in your email copy. Those 18 words have to rock!

And what about the body of the email?


Tilt the reader’s perspective. Readers are on guard against sales copy these days, so use an unexpected approach to break down that barrier.

Ditch the jargon and buzzwords. Use real language to make a real connection with your readers.

Make sure it’s well-written and carefully proofread. Typos and bad grammar are instant credibility killers.


Listen. Develop an understanding of your audience with a keen awareness of their needs, desires and fears.

Connecting from the heart triggers emotions, which engages people and makes them care about your message.

In short: Don’t just speak to your readers – join the conversation already going on in their head.

The 30-second read

  1. Use stunning openers to combat crazy-full inboxes and feeds.
  2. Be brief because readers are busy – and distracted.
  3. Use an unexpected perspective to delight readers.
  4. Write with heart in a personal voice to tap into emotion.
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