Learn the 4 C’s to improve the customer journey

By signal

Digital marketers sometimes think that a “conversion” simply entails completing and submitting a form online, but it’s actually much more. The 4 C’s of the customer journey can help you deliver a positive customer experience, complete the sales cycle – and increase the chances of true advocacy from your leads, prospects and even existing customers.


contentYou know the old chestnut about content being king? Yes, relevant content can make a huge difference in attracting and converting those potential customers. But beware of producing content for content’s sake, which simply adds more noise to an already crowded web. If you don’t have a solid business need for content, save your resources for planning – and looking at the context.


contextEvery piece of content you produce must have a reason for being, and must set the stage for further audience interaction with you. Content with context offers prospects the reason to believe that your product or service is what they need. Make them believe and they’ll want to start the dialogue with you, which leads us to conversation.


conversationMarketers overlook this component when developing visually attractive, well-written collateral that lacks a persuasive CTA. What do you want people to do with your content? Does it offer an avenue to interact with someone from your company? Without opening these compelling pathways to engagement, you’re just asking prospects to buy. This may be successful in the short term, but it doesn’t provide additional value. Conversation is stepping stone to conversion!


conversionsWhen a lead converts online, it’s not time to wash your hands of them quite yet. Help quantify and qualify the leads by showing that you offered that lead a positive experience – building brand value that makes them more likely to become a loyal customer.

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