How’s Your Employer Brand?

By signal

Is your company looking for increased employee retention? Or hoping to better attract talented candidates? A good first step is to evaluate your employer brand – a combination of consistent visuals and messaging that tells employees (and job candidates!) what it means to work with your company.

  1. Talk to the subject matter experts within your organization – your current employees. Ask team members from marketing, HR and recruiting, as well as executives: What drew them to your company and what keeps them there?
  2. Expand your scope with an online survey of a representative sample of employees. Include questions such as: What attracted them to the company? What sets your company apart from other organizations they’ve worked for? What makes them proud to be part of the organization?
  3. Compare your brand against your competitors by analyzing things like the branding on your homepage; the design, messaging and navigation on your career pages; and the branding language you use in job postings. This will give you great insight about actions you can take to improve your employer brand.

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