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GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy is a world-leading provider of advanced reactor technology and nuclear services. Established in June 2007, GE Hitachi is part of a global nuclear alliance created by GE and Hitachi to serve the nuclear industry. The company’s three main product lines include advanced reactor technologies, nuclear services, and nuclear fuel cycle. GE Hitachi has more than 2,500 global employees and is headquartered in Wilmington, NC.


GE Hitachi came to Signal with the objective to create an engaging iPad app showcasing service offerings in nuclear plant safety and maintenance. The app would be a sales tool supplementing conventional printed fact sheets in the sales force’s interactions with customers. The client wanted the app to present dynamic multimedia content in a clear, sophisticated manner to match the company’s technological innovations, with the ability to make later updates and additions.


Signal organized and edited the client’s provided content assets under the eight highest-profile services categories. We met with each individual service team to identify and understand their main message points. As part of our discovery process, we audited what materials they had, compared these to the messaging objectives, and reconciled any gaps.

Ultimately we assembled a range of iPad app features including splash screens, demo animations, scrolling technical diagrams with interactive hot spots, video clips, 3-D renderings, photo galleries, fact sheets and ad slicks. All content was built into the app to ensure functionality without an Internet connection.

As a pre-visualization tool, Signal created a wireframe model of the app’s entire structure. This detailed wireframe served as a vehicle for revisions and approvals, giving the client a clear understanding of how the app would look and function before it was actually coded. This enabled the programming to proceed smoothly with an approved content road map in place.

The completed project was published as an enterprise app, not available through the conventional App Store but distributed internally to the GE Hitachi sales force. The app serves as a “one stop shop” collecting all key marketing materials on the featured services together in one location, in a manner the company had never done before.


Our clients at GE Hitachi have expressed great satisfaction with the iPad app. Expansions are being planned for a future update, and other departments at the company are interested in developing apps of their own. Following are some comments from GE Hitachi personnel:

“The systems that we sell are highly complex. I can’t carry that to a customer’s site. So having something like the iPad app helps to convey the technology… It’s a really cool way to tie all aspects of the system together in front of the customer and show them how they benefit each other.”

– Eric Mino, Manager of Controls and Systems Upgrades.

“I think this app is going to help us sell in that it has a wow factor to it. It really has a techie feel and our customers are technical in nature.”

– Sean Fuller, Regional Sales Leader

“By working with Signal, we were able to develop and implement a very effective Enterprise iPad app for our commercials teams. This tool directly led to the sale of some of our highest profile new products. Enabling the teams to literally show these tools in action made all the difference.”

– Christopher White, Communications Leader

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