Empathy, Trust and the Customer Experience

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People are suffering greatly during the pandemic, under many layers of pressure. The new norm is empathy and genuine concern over the issues facing people during this crisis. Consumers are now looking for companies to be a lifeline and to provide flexible, feeling interactions. In order to thrive now and after the pandemic, a relentless focus on the customer experience is required.

Those who made strides in CX during 2020 worked to discover what really matters to their customers, looked for ways to improve important experiences, and focused on tasks with the biggest potential upside for customers as well as their businesses. They then trained their employees and gave them the tools they needed to deliver a great experience consistently.

According to the Forrester’s Guide, these efforts will continue to bear fruit as 25% of brands achieve statistically significant advances in customer experience quality while actually cutting their CX technology spend. How is this possible?

  • Smart businesses will look to have one voice-of-the-customer program rather than many, consolidating CX tools and technologies and to save big money.
  • A new focus on the value of technologies remaining, coupled with strategic efforts to improve CX, will enable companies to better deal with the forced evolution caused by the pandemic.

A few brands making a splash with unique pandemic content:

In an effort to increase interaction with customers while stores are partially closed, Nike created a subscription app – Nike Training Club – to offer live workouts, fitness plans, and expert tips. Membership is free. Additionally, Nike is putting out more content on its Nike and Nike Running Club applications, the Nike.com website, and social media. Its marketing campaign, Play for the World, shows how its roster of athlete endorsers remain in top shape during the pandemic and offers digital resources athletes need to stay healthy indoors.

Ikea is encouraging people to reconnect with their homes in its #StayHome campaign. Without trying to sell IKEA products to consumers directly, this campaign aims to inspire people not only to stay home but to enjoy and find comfort in their own homes.

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