Comfees Social Media Marketing


Domtar Personal Care

Campaigns, Content, Social

Comfees is a premium diaper brand that has previously focused on serving families with special needs children through healthcare distribution channels, although the brand is now expanding into general consumer retail. Domtar has engaged Signal to assume control of the Comfees social media channels for planning, content development, design and development of visuals, and scheduling posts.

Our objectives are to help the client build audiences and brand awareness, to promote associated communities and strategic partners, and to drive traffic to designated “Where to Buy” pathways that can be tracked to capture measurement. We plan monthly editorial calendars with a mix of content that includes product profiles, general childcare tips, cute and amusing images, holiday celebrations, links to relevant third-party articles, and so forth. Each month we review the proposed material with the client for their approval, then create and deploy the posts as agreed.