Bringing Your Employer Brand to Life

By signal

You’ve crafted a strong employee value proposition (or EVP) that clearly communicates the work culture you’d like to create in your company. You’ve also developed related visuals to help capture who you are as an employer. Now, how do you launch your brand and bring it to life?

The first step is to flesh out a messaging platform that supports your EVP and keeps everyone on the same page.

  • The messaging should be clear and consistent, communicating what’s unique and special about working for your company.
  • One key thing to include is proof points: the data to back up your claims and make a more engaging argument for the attractiveness of your company.

Once you’ve created this new messaging framework, carefully consider the internal audiences you’ll be communicating to and any specific messages you might need for specific employee groups – like IT or sales. Apply this same thinking to recruitment, considering different messages that may be needed for audiences such as recent grads vs. experienced recruits.

Finally, remember that a new employer brand is about more than visuals and messaging. It’s about a fundamental shift in philosophy which requires influencing your work culture from the top down. Ask yourself how your people managers can model the new brand on a daily basis for their employees, and create support and training for them in this role. It’s this step that really makes the difference.

Read Signal’s Employer Branding Playbook to learn more about making a real difference for your employees – as well as your bottom line.

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