2 Marketing Video Approaches to Try Now

A recent report from Deloitte highlights that Millennials (age 14-25) spend more time watching online video content than watching live television. Video is just getting hotter – and not only for the Millennial crowd. Nearly half of Americans subscribe to a streaming video service and binge watching has become routine across generations.

If video is not a standard component of your marketing plan, it should be. But remember, nobody wants to watch a boring video. Make it brief, make it informative and make it worth watching. Below are two solid marketing video types to engage your audience.




Want some examples? Here’s a cool movie trailer video that Signal created for Quintiles Advisory Services. And take a look at this friendly animated explainer video that shows how Pinterest works. With our collective media consumption habits changing by the moment, choosing a “Movie Trailer” or “Explainer” video can be the best way to quickly get to the point about your brand.

Patrick Jones - Video Director

By: Patrick Jones

Video Director

Patrick is an excellent illustrator and highly skilled at video production and motion graphics. He is also adept at corporate identity and logo design.

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