Power Tools Social Media Campaigns

Ingersoll Rand’s Power Tools division maintains an active social media presence, promoting its popular line of products. When the manufacturer needed help producing compelling content for its B2B user audience on Facebook and Instagram, they looked to Signal to provide additional bandwidth.

The Power Tools division was keenly focused on market research, launching new products and keeping dealers and distributors happy. They relied on Signal for creative writing, design and animations on a regular basis, to keep the pages interesting and engaging.

From raw assets of product images and/or video content, we provided monthly batches of posts, in advance, to help client teams streamline the approval and execution process.

How Apple’s New Software Update Impacts Advertising

Overview of the change

A new privacy feature was released on Monday 4/26/21 with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 14.5. This includes a new feature called App Tracking Transparency, a significant step for user privacy, giving people more control over their mobile phone app data and how it’s used by companies, like Facebook and LinkedIn, for personalized ad targeting.

The first time users open an app on their iPhone or iPad after they update, they will be prompted with an option to opt out of tracking that monitors their behavior and shares that data with third parties. It’s generally believed that a small percentage of users will opt-in to allow tracking. Time will tell exactly how small, but early predictions have ranged from 2% to 20% opt-in. Recently, a mobile attribution firm AppsFlyer ran a study that showed a 39% opt-in rate.

While it’s an exciting development for users, this update is causing apprehension in business owners and marketers because it impacts data tracking permissions and therefore efficacy of some campaigns. This won’t necessarily mean an end to all tracking, but as more and more users opt out of tracking, we will experience some notable changes in how we’re able to measure performance and tactics/strategies we’ll be able to deploy.

Impact on Facebook / LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

The changes to the Apple iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework including the Identifier for Advertiser (IDFA) will have a limited impact on these types of ad campaigns.

LinkedIn impact:

  • Shifts in delivery across LinkedIn Audience Network placements.
  • Smaller target audience sizes when using Matched Audiences data
  • Smaller audience sizes for website retargeting.
  • Potential decline in conversions, if dependent on IDFA.

Facebook impact:

  • Some campaign results will be counted differently
  • New limit on web events (limited to 8 conversion events)
  • A domain will need to be selected for each ad to measure conversions
  • Audience sizes may decrease

What we recommend for the short term

  • Enable or update to Facebook’s SDK for iOS 14 version 8.1
  • Verify your domain and enable the conversions API
  • Configure and prioritize your 8 conversion events or choose to rely on your website analytics tool to track conversions from your campaigns
  • Rethink the customer journey–review strategies and where you might need to pivot your approach

What we recommend for the long term

Consider developing “value exchange” strategies to collect first party data that you can use to build direct relationships with prospects and customers. First party data includes any data collected directly from your audience, such as the following:

  • Events/Webinars
  • Email subscriptions
  • Resource downloads
  • Form submissions
  • Data collected through web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics

Key takeaway

As digital platforms tighten up on privacy, knowing your customers, their pain points, resources and tools they need is more important than ever. Ask yourself, how current are your personas? Do you need additional customer research? How can you collect more first party data?

Attends Social Media Marketing

Attends, a brand of Domtar Personal Care, is a pioneer in the incontinence industry, with products that deliver confidence and freedom to millions of people around the world. Domtar has engaged Signal to assume control of the Attends social media channels for planning, content development, design and development of visuals, and scheduling posts.

Our objectives are to help the client build audiences and brand awareness, to reach younger and more active users as well as caregivers, and to drive traffic to designated “Where to Buy” pathways that can be tracked to capture measurement. We plan monthly editorial calendars with a mix of content that includes product profiles, general wellness tips, holiday celebrations, links to relevant third-party articles, and so forth. Each month we review the proposed material with the client for their approval, then create and deploy the posts as agreed.



Increasing awareness while minimizing the stigma of incontinence by engaging users through aspirational content and helpful resources.

  • Increased monthly reach by more than 275,000 people

Driving more product exploration and sample requests to help get users into the right product for their needs.

  • Increased website traffic by 260%
  • Increased direct response actions by 419%

EXOGEN Social Media Marketing

EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System helps patients heal fractures and get back to normal activities faster. Patients have been independently sharing their recovery experiences with EXOGEN on social media. In response, we set up the official Bioventus Instagram profile @exogenbonehealing to help nurture this kind of engagement with the brand. We’ve created and pushed out content every two weeks, focusing on user testimonials and the convenient ease of the device.

Using a social aggregator, we’re capturing positive brand mentions and embedding them on exogen.com. This includes all posts made through the brand’s Instagram profile as well as positive brand mentions with relevant hashtags.

We are continuing these efforts to grow the brand by increasing awareness and turning patients into advocates. We continue sharing educational content and promote the ease of use, convenience and effectiveness of the device. We also continue to nurture user-generated content by encouraging patients who are using the device to share their experience on Instagram, and by aggregating that content on the website adjacent to the more high-production testimonials.


  • Increasing awareness with patients and providers
  • Mitigating risk typically associated with medical device company social channels by streamlining content creation flows with regulatory approvals.
  • Increasing positive patient testimonials
  • Increasing engagement with pro athlete influencers

Comfees Social Media Marketing

Comfees is a premium diaper brand that has previously focused on serving families with special needs children through healthcare distribution channels, although the brand is now expanding into general consumer retail. Domtar has engaged Signal to assume control of the Comfees social media channels for planning, content development, design and development of visuals, and scheduling posts.

Our objectives are to help the client build audiences and brand awareness, to promote associated communities and strategic partners, and to drive traffic to designated “Where to Buy” pathways that can be tracked to capture measurement. We plan monthly editorial calendars with a mix of content that includes product profiles, general childcare tips, cute and amusing images, holiday celebrations, links to relevant third-party articles, and so forth. Each month we review the proposed material with the client for their approval, then create and deploy the posts as agreed.

Global Branding and Execution

In October 2016, Quintiles and IMS Health completed a $17.6 billion merger to become QuintilesIMS. Building on a 12-year client relationship with Quintiles, the Signal team was given the task of creating strategic assets and executing the interim QuintilesIMS brand across all channels, within a compressed period of time. We also played an integral role in refining the new brand standards, logos and color palette.

QuintilesIMS adopted its new name, IQVIA, in November 2017. In just a few short months, Signal met the challenge of implementing the new IQVIA brand (which was developed primarily by another agency) through the rebranding of a vast number of existing assets and creating critical new assets. Our creative work helped to create excitement about the new organization, showcasing how IQVIA uses analytics and science to help healthcare stakeholders find better solutions for their patients.

Visual system

We created key deliverables in the visual system, including:

  • Full logo suite
  • Logo lockups with internal business units / subsidiaries
  • Color palette expansion and refinement
  • Complete global Brand Guidelines
  • Complete custom icon set
  • Complete icon set for digital
  • PowerPoint master / slide bank / themes for enterprise distribution

Marketing materials

Our team was also responsible for creating an entire suite of marketing collateral, including:

  • Marketing automation templates
  • Internal / executive Microsoft Outlook templates
  • Collateral templates: Case studies, fact sheets, insight briefs, white papers, infographics, brochures and at-a-glance
  • Brand ads
  • Pop-up banners and tradeshow booth graphics
  • Parking lot banners
  • Facility and elevator signage
  • Global letterhead and business cards
  • “We are IQVIA” video for both website and social media channels
  • Talent acquisition collateral


The Signal team completed vital branding work in less time – and for a much lower cost – than the typical agency of record. Our clients in Marketing and Communications were delighted with Signal’s heroic efforts:

“You and your team are all superstars. Thank you for the long hours, great customer service, quick turnarounds, creative ideas and genuine collaboration in bringing our new brand to life!”


“THANK YOU to everyone at Signal. This rebirth would NOT have happened without you!”


“A big ‘Thank You’ for all the fantastic work your team has done for us – and for the amazing flexibility and speed you always demonstrate. IQVIA would not be here today without you.”

Fortalis Product Launch

Plant Impact develops innovative crop enhancement products that increase crop yield and quality. This UK-based company engaged Signal as a full-service partner to help them enter the U.S. market with the launch of Fortalis, a scientifically proven product for soybean. Our goal was to develop a primarily digital strategy to create brand awareness and engagement with soybean growers in five key states in the Midwest. Additional audiences included crop consultants, advisors, university researchers, ag media and retailers – groups interested in learning more about innovations to help their clients improve soybean crop ROI.

Email / direct mail  

The Signal team started with a series of segmented e-blasts to introduce Plant Impact, their track record of success in other countries, and the Fortalis product. Additional e-blasts were geared towards growers who had participated in Plant Impact product trials. We called these early adopters “Fortalis Forerunners.”


Signal created a dedicated website, to support the product launch. The website features a clean scrolling design and impactful imagery. It’s also interactive, featuring a simple ROI calculator tool and other resources to help educate growers about how Fortalis can improve their soybean yields.

Product video

The Signal team created an instructional video which explains the science and technology behind how the product works. The video is featured on the microsite and has been used for marketing.

Brochure / tradeshow collateral

We developed a comprehensive product brochure, as well as tradeshow collateral and displays for Plant Impact’s booth at the premier ag industry event, Commodity Classic.

Social strategy / promoted social ads

The Signal team created Facebook and Twitter pages for audience engagement, and activated a detailed social strategy which included regular posts and promoted ads.


Currently, the brand has inked three main distributor agreements which represent not only the Midwest, but distribution to the retail channel throughout the entire US. Signal is seeing tremendous engagement on completed forms online and links from our efforts. We look forward to seeing even more results as Plant Impact and Fortalis “grow” their brand in the US!

Sweetwater Community Campaign

ExperienceOne Homes is an award-winning builder company recognized for building premier neighborhoods throughout the Triangle area. As a Signal client for over 10 years, they called on us to design an awareness campaign to introduce their new Sweetwater community in Apex, NC to prospective residents.

Our solution
Signal started by creating key messages for the new Sweetwater community, including a tagline and evocative phrases. The team also created the logo for the new community, capturing the elements of nature, beauty and balance. Signal designed a comprehensive presentation to introduce Sweetwater – and all of its many features and benefits – to the Town of Apex. We also created email templates, cut sheets, home expo posters, local event deliverables, a Facebook page – as well as a local new home guide front cover ad and interior spread.

The Signal team created a dedicated microsite, for the new community. The website was designed to introduce Sweetwater to potential new home buyers interested in a balanced life, encouraging them to “step into a sweeter place.” The site showcases the community’s “neo-traditional” development style, highlighting the appeal of shopping and dining within walking distance, as well as nature trails, pocket parks and a state-of-the art community center.

Each element – from copy to design to photography – was created to convey the charm of Sweetwater.  Friendly, conversational copy, modern images, earthy colors, and weathered wood used as a design element. Interactive features on the site allow potential buyers to review all available home styles and floor plans – as well as site and vicinity maps and information.

Signal also designed and delivered a number of environmental graphics, including a community sign package and highway sign to point the way to Sweetwater.

Branding and Execution


In July 2015, Quintiles and Quest Diagnostics launched Q² Solutions, a new global clinical trials laboratory services joint venture. Q² Solutions was created to help biopharma customers improve human health through innovation that transforms science and data into actionable medical insights.

Quintiles, the world’s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services, has been a Signal client for more than a decade. The Quintiles team reached out to Signal to support the Q² Solutions launch and to provide integrated, multi-channel marketing and communications support. The objectives of the campaign were to create excitement, raise awareness – and create a modern brand and messaging that highlighted the capabilities and personality of the new organization.

Signal Solutions

Brand identity / creative

Signal was given the exciting challenge of creating and implementing a brand identity for Q² Solutions on an accelerated schedule – just a few months! Our creative team started with the Q² Solutions logo and standout core messaging – elements critical to distinguishing the new organization from its industry-leading parent companies. Our work helped to capture the brand’s essence (“Actionable Insights for Better Health”) and smart, progressive personality. The messaging created alignment within the team and across communication channels.



The complete visual system included:

  • Logo and co-brand logo suites
  • Naming exercise
  • Voice guidelines
  • Font treatments

We also developed complete brand standards / style guides (abbreviated and detailed versions) to ensure proper usage of the new identity.

Marketing materials

Signal designed Q² Solutions’ entire suite of marketing collateral materials, including:

  • Fact sheets for multiple services and solutions
  • White papers and other thought leadership pieces
  • Internal screen saver
  • LinkedIn images
  • Collateral templates
  • Outlook and Eloqua email and e-newsletter templates
  • Letterhead, envelopes and business cards
  • Infographics
  • Graphics for social channels
  • Corporate PowerPoint slide bank and template
  • Holiday cards
  • Scientific posters
  • Photo bank
  • Icon bank

Website design / messaging

We created Q² Solutions’ website, enabling visitors to easily access relevant information about the new company’s services and differentiators (a phased deployment).

Environmental graphics

The creative team designed national tradeshow banners and tradeshow booth graphics aligned with the new brand architecture. Signal is also producing a lobby wall video to establish a strong, coherent presence for visitors arriving at company headquarters.

Print and digital advertising

We produced numerous print ads for publications and created monthly digital ads with tracking.


  • What the typical agency of record would have done in a year, Signal did in months (and in some cases, weeks!).
  • Signal completed the work for a fraction of the what the typical agency of record would have charged.
  • Q² Solutions’ team was delighted with the work – and they now rely on Signal as their agency of record.

Bald Head Island Real Estate Website and Digital Marketing

Always-on campaigns enable island real estate company to “weather the storm” through two potentially devastating hurricanes, showing 60% increase in traffic and 158% increase in leads.


Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales is known for its stunning properties and attracting homebuyers who want to savor life on “island time.” Entering into 2018, the company was looking to increase awareness of the island as an exceptional location to own a second home and looking for unique and targeted opportunities to set the island apart from alternative locations for a second home. They were also looking to drive more leads to the website through targeted digital campaigns, and to nurture marketing leads and increase sales.

Website Redesign

The company has two websites: the main Bald Head Island vacation & rentals site, and a dedicated Bald Head Island Real Estate sales site. When analytics showed that many leads were coming in via the real estate site, our client contacted Signal for a site redesign to elevate the real estate to be as inviting and evocative as the main site. Signal edited the site copy, helping to infuse it with the color and charm of the island. Our team redesigned the entire real estate site, including standout photography, graphics and typography – as well as custom interactive features and responsive design.

Social Media

We had seen great success from Facebook advertising, but in quick one-off campaigns. Having first proven the value of this channel and its potential for driving awareness and top of the funnel leads, we were able to re-allocate budget and make Facebook Ads a part of their ongoing marketing mix. We promoted blog articles, island events and even specific property listings.

Email Marketing

As with Facebook Ads, we saw great success from email marketing, but again through one-off campaigns and limited frequency. We conceptualized and implemented two weekly, semi-automated email campaigns to a growing list of marketing leads. These engaging campaigns highlighted new listings, neighborhoods and featured properties, driving leads to schedule an island real estate tour.


Despite the island being hit by potentially devastating hurricanes in 2018 AND in 2019, we saw the following:

  • a 60% increase in traffic
  • a 158% increase in direct response actions