Re-Entry / Re-Opening Support

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed the need for clear communication within companies to let employees know the employer is committed to their health and safety. As pandemic restrictions begin to ease, reopening the workplace is a complex and multifaceted process.

LabCorp contacted Signal for help clearly and effectively communicating company policies and best practices to promote safe and considerate behavior as they re-open their global facilities. Our first task was to develop and produce a large volume of re-entry signage, including both print and digital:

  • Handwashing Bathroom Mirror Decals
  • Stand Here Floor Decals
  • Practice Social Distancing LCD Screen Graphics
  • Wear a Face Covering LDC Screen Graphics
  • Isolation Area Pop-up Banners
  • Directional Posters
  • Temperature Check Posters
  • Thank You for Working Safely Posters
  • Stairwell Posters
  • Elevator Posters
  • Face Covering Required Posters
  • No Waiting or Congregating Posters
  • Sanitize Hands Here Posters
  • Keep Your Personal Desk Clean Signs
  • Last Disinfected On Signs
  • Max Capacity in Room Signs
  • Healthy Steps Signs
  • Please Clean This Area Before You Leave Table Tents
  • Table Seating Instructional Signs

The approved English versions were also translated into several different languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, and Korean.

The Signal team also worked directly with LabCorp’s existing online storefront provider to seamlessly deliver high-resolution files for print, fulfillment, and distribution. Through this process, LabCorp employees can access signage and communications via an intranet portal where managers can either place orders or download PDFs to print with office printers.

In addition, our team collaborated with LabCorp to prepare a Re-entry Readiness Timeline and Re-Entry Strategy for communication to employees and media.

Learn the 4 C’s to improve the customer journey

Digital marketers sometimes think that a “conversion” simply entails completing and submitting a form online, but it’s actually much more. The 4 C’s of the customer journey can help you deliver a positive customer experience, complete the sales cycle – and increase the chances of true advocacy from your leads, prospects and even existing customers.


contentYou know the old chestnut about content being king? Yes, relevant content can make a huge difference in attracting and converting those potential customers. But beware of producing content for content’s sake, which simply adds more noise to an already crowded web. If you don’t have a solid business need for content, save your resources for planning – and looking at the context.


contextEvery piece of content you produce must have a reason for being, and must set the stage for further audience interaction with you. Content with context offers prospects the reason to believe that your product or service is what they need. Make them believe and they’ll want to start the dialogue with you, which leads us to conversation.


conversationMarketers overlook this component when developing visually attractive, well-written collateral that lacks a persuasive CTA. What do you want people to do with your content? Does it offer an avenue to interact with someone from your company? Without opening these compelling pathways to engagement, you’re just asking prospects to buy. This may be successful in the short term, but it doesn’t provide additional value. Conversation is stepping stone to conversion!


conversionsWhen a lead converts online, it’s not time to wash your hands of them quite yet. Help quantify and qualify the leads by showing that you offered that lead a positive experience – building brand value that makes them more likely to become a loyal customer.

What can Signal do for your marketing team? Reach out and start a conversation with us.  

repurposing content

Second Helpings: How to Repurpose Content

how to repurpose content

Reduce, reuse…repurpose your content! Marketing content costs time, effort and money to create, so make sure to wring as much value as you can out of it. Take that presentation or white paper off the shelf and retool it to keep audiences engaged – and organic website traffic moving smoothly. Below, we lift the hood a little on repurposing.

Won’t people know we’re reusing content?

It’s unlikely that even your biggest fans have tracked everything you publish. Remember the old “Rule of Seven” advertising adage? People need to hear your message multiple times before they take action.

When is the best time to repurpose content?

  • Audiences have changed
  • You need to reinforce critical messages
  • Organic visibility is stagnant
  • Anytime you want to make things easier on your marketing team – and their budget!

What’s the biggest benefit of content reuse?

Other than saving time, effort and money? Some people like to read 1000-word blog posts. Others like 2-minute videos. Repurposing content helps you appeal to different content preferences, expanding your audience.

How can I find my best-performing content?

Dive into your analytics to find the hot content to repurpose. Consider factors like views, social engagement and shares.

Hey, how about some great ideas?

  • Repurpose compelling stats or quotes from blog posts, white papers or surveys into snackable infographics for social sharing
  • Turn tradeshow and conference presentations into SlideShare presentations to increase reach
  • Turn a blog post into something visual, like an infographic or a whiteboard explainer video
  • Gather some experts and have them discuss the topic of a recent presentation or blog post in a podcast
  • Repackage related evergreen blog posts into something meatier, like an e-book with new visual elements
  • Record an audio version of an e-book for easy “drive time” listening
  • Publish webinars as tutorials on YouTube
  • Create a quiz or a game from existing content

Need some help repurposing your content? Let Signal help you slice and dice and re-imagine to keep your audience engaged.

Digital Tools for Every Stage of the Funnel

When you have just a moment to capture someone’s eye, interactive digital content is a terrific hook. Studies show that interactive content is reusable, helps nurture leads – and aids in retention of your message. Consider great digital tools like the examples below to help customers “live” your brand at every stage of the sales funnel.


When you’re looking to build awareness, even the simplest digital tool can add zing – and make your brand memorable. Quizzes are a popular way to create awareness early on. With a little more work, attention-grabbing photo or social collages are a stellar way to allow people to explore your product or service.



User generated content highlights photos and stories about hardworking people and tools for a unique digital and social experience.


Configurators, selection engines and other tools allow prospects to explore available product options. They also strengthen your value proposition. We also like using assessments and calculators at this stage of the game – entering information and learning about tangible benefits has high engagement value.

Cree Product Selector


The interactive tool takes users through a series of questions to help choose between numerous product options.


Tempting prospects with helpful information is the soul of content marketing. And interactive digital tools help cement the connection.  At this stage, we recommend cool tools like interactive infographics and interactive whitepapers to offer helpful education, data and thought leadership.

GE Selector / Value Calculator


A product selector tool with embedded calculators helps customers access immediate pricing estimates and value calculations.


At this stage, you know prospects are interested. The right digital tool can gather measurable data about potential clients and their needs – allowing you to follow up with targeted information. Try games, assessments and calculators here.

SnapApp Content Land Game


The fun, data-driven game educates users about the value of interactivity and gathers useful lead information.


When it’s time to make the sale, interactive tools can assist customers over the finish line with content such as interactive catalogs or solution planners. Lookbooks and tours can be another tool to use at the sales stage, making it easy for prospects to move from exploration to purchase.

Nuclear Energy Services App


An engaging iPad app showcases GE’s service offerings in nuclear plant safety and maintenance.


Improve customers’ experience over the long term with any of the tools to expand on your brand and help customers learn about products. 

Fly Delta Mobile App


This app offers customers a map view of the last scanned location of their checked luggage, giving them a sense of confidence and control.

Thinking about a new digital tool to capture customers? Learn about Signal’s proven process here.


Captivate Audiences with Interactive Storytelling

Grab a life jacket! Your customers are swimming in data and information. Every minute, email users send more than 200 million messages while Facebook users share nearly 2.5 million pieces of content – and that’s just two channels. You can help your message break through by appealing to our natural “visual wiring” with interactive storytelling.

Research shows that powerful visual techniques make your message much more engaging, accessible and persuasive. Here are a handful of awesome examples to inspire you.

Stories that are fun to explore and share

Example Features Why it rocks
Rough Fire Interactive Map
National Park ServiceRough Fire Interactive Map - National Park Service
  • Left-hand nav bar
  • Story in text and photos
  • Interactive map pulls users into the story
Helping the public develop a new appreciation for the value of fire prevention
Most Valuable Sports Franchises
Column Five MediaMost Valuable Sports Franchises - Column Five Media
  • Color-coded categories
  • Mouseover details on Forbes ranking, team value, championship wins
Creating shared understanding about which teams are truly on top
Twister Dashboard: Exploring Three Decades of Violent Storms
ESRITwister Dashboard: Exploring Three Decades of Violent Storms - ESRI
  • Interactive timeline offers details by year – and changes the map accordingly
  • Clicking on a single tornado site offers details on injuries, fatalities, property loss
Allowing audiences to explore vast quantities of data quickly
2015 Annual Report
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society2015 Annual Report  - The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
  • Left-hand nav bar
  • Story in text and photos
  • Interactive map
Strengthening brand by presenting a traditional communication in an entirely new way

Help your messages stand out from the sea of information. Try interactive storytelling to capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to take action.