Power Tools Social Media Campaigns

Ingersoll Rand’s Power Tools division maintains an active social media presence, promoting its popular line of products. When the manufacturer needed help producing compelling content for its B2B user audience on Facebook and Instagram, they looked to Signal to provide additional bandwidth.

The Power Tools division was keenly focused on market research, launching new products and keeping dealers and distributors happy. They relied on Signal for creative writing, design and animations on a regular basis, to keep the pages interesting and engaging.

From raw assets of product images and/or video content, we provided monthly batches of posts, in advance, to help client teams streamline the approval and execution process.

Dealer Communications Assets

Hyster-Yale Group designs, engineers, manufactures, sells and services a comprehensive line of lift trucks and parts marketed under the Hyster and Yale brand names. To support its dealer networks, the manufacturer created an online hub for dealers to access various marketing templates. Hyster-Yale brought in Signal to map out and develop or redesign all possible templates for both Hyster and Yale brands.

We made the marketing assets easy for dealers to access and customize, while maintaining strict visual standards for each brand. Now that this comprehensive template library is in place, Hyster-Yale can seamlessly direct their dealers to important communications tools that fit their efforts at the local level, delivering manufacturer support before, during and after routine sales as well as inventory pushes that drive customer traffic to their door.

In addition to campaign landing pages with embedded content that could be inserted via iframe into a dealer’s website, other key assets included:

• Email templates with ready-to-go content
• Social media posts and graphics
• Digital banner ad templates
• Sales and promotional flyers
• Rental unit campaign materials
• Indoor and outdoor signage
• Mailers

Industry Vertical Campaigns

Cree Lighting is a market-leading innovator of LED lighting and semiconductor solutions for wireless and power applications.

Cree engaged Signal to develop microsites targeting specific vertical market segments with information on relevant high-value product SKUs. They were seeking new approaches in marketing and lead generation, especially under pandemic restrictions for sales teams and outreach. Each segment’s landing page was rich with targeted content, from videos to case studies and interactive guides. See the microsites for Healthcare, Petroleum, and Education.

Integrating with the Cree’s Pardot marketing platform, we created a series of 4 to 5 emails for each industry segment, aimed to gain trust, provide greater visibility to content previously buried within the larger brand site, and to create opportunities to enter the sales funnel at different sales cycle conversion points, through remote demos and webinars, strengthening the lead scoring for prospects and newer audiences that were now working remotely.

Due to the landscape at the time, Signal helped develop priorities in healthcare campaigns first, then education with the shift toward getting students and faculty back into classrooms. With gas station/convenience store audiences being more of a mainstay, we timed design and development to coincide with the industry’s virtual conferences over the summer months to help prospects engage with the brand, as if they were at the show.

We provided content development and art direction as well as coding and development for the client to execute distribution and tracking/analytics.

Re-Entry / Re-Opening Support

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed the need for clear communication within companies to let employees know the employer is committed to their health and safety. As pandemic restrictions begin to ease, reopening the workplace is a complex and multifaceted process.

LabCorp contacted Signal for help clearly and effectively communicating company policies and best practices to promote safe and considerate behavior as they re-open their global facilities. Our first task was to develop and produce a large volume of re-entry signage, including both print and digital:

  • Handwashing Bathroom Mirror Decals
  • Stand Here Floor Decals
  • Practice Social Distancing LCD Screen Graphics
  • Wear a Face Covering LDC Screen Graphics
  • Isolation Area Pop-up Banners
  • Directional Posters
  • Temperature Check Posters
  • Thank You for Working Safely Posters
  • Stairwell Posters
  • Elevator Posters
  • Face Covering Required Posters
  • No Waiting or Congregating Posters
  • Sanitize Hands Here Posters
  • Keep Your Personal Desk Clean Signs
  • Last Disinfected On Signs
  • Max Capacity in Room Signs
  • Healthy Steps Signs
  • Please Clean This Area Before You Leave Table Tents
  • Table Seating Instructional Signs

The approved English versions were also translated into several different languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, and Korean.

The Signal team also worked directly with LabCorp’s existing online storefront provider to seamlessly deliver high-resolution files for print, fulfillment, and distribution. Through this process, LabCorp employees can access signage and communications via an intranet portal where managers can either place orders or download PDFs to print with office printers.

In addition, our team collaborated with LabCorp to prepare a Re-entry Readiness Timeline and Re-Entry Strategy for communication to employees and media.

Employer Branding Development

Bioventus wanted to update their employer branding to better reflect their value in the marketplace. They came to Signal with a request for a comprehensive employment brand messaging platform. Our mindful approach used the input of the global Talent Management team to craft messages that would resonate with internal and external audiences. The goal? Stimulate interest and engagement from both existing and potential employees. Here’s how we successfully did it.

Step 1: Discovery

  • Conduct corporate branding online survey
  • Validate survey with handful of interviews with key execs / employees
  • Develop messaging platform
  • Conduct feedback meeting with key stakeholders

Step 2: Create and validate

  • Create final messaging platform
  • Create plan for launching new messaging
  • Get final buy in from the client team

Step 2: Execute

Using the new message platform, step off recruiting collateral, including job fair materials, landing page, fact sheets.

Messaging platform delivered

  • Brand essence and promise
    • Who we are / how we help our customers
  • Brand differentiators
    • What sets your company apart
  • Brand personality / voice
    • High-level content and tone guidelines
  • High-level key messages / proof points by audience

LinkedIn ABM: A Winning Strategy During the Pandemic and Beyond

I think everyone would agree that 2020 is a year most would rather forget, and to say that our clients and marketers in general have felt the pinch is a gross understatement. The latest CMO Survey (June 2020 Special Covid-19 Edition) presents some bleak insights and predictions:

  • Marketer optimism about their own company and about the economy as a whole are at 10-year lows
  • Companies have reported big losses across revenue (18%), profit (15%) and customer acquisition (9%) metrics
  • Marketing spending and hiring is expected to go down over the next 12 months

However, this survey also presents some jaw-dropping growth in social media spending across all sectors – 74% growth on average. And what’s more, social media is now showing the largest increase in contribution to company performance since the survey began in 2008.

So how do you reconcile shrinking budgets with increased social spending? One answer could be deploying social campaigns based on Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategies.

What is ABM?

ABM involves marketing and sales working closely together to identify a group of high-value accounts and create personalized marketing messages for them, based on their specific needs. It essentially means you’re targeting individual companies rather than personas, and offering specific solutions to their specific challenges.

While there are many tactics and channels to use within ABM, for the purposes of this article, I’d like to focus on Sponsored Posts within LinkedIn. Since Covid-19, we’ve witnessed a rapid uptick in working with clients on LinkedIn ABM campaigns.

Why is LinkedIn ABM important in today’s climate?

  • Sheer numbers, especially now that many of us are working from home – 690 million total LinkedIn members and a 26% increase in sessions last quarter alone
  • Personalized and tailored messaging means you can guarantee message relevancy
  • More relevancy leads to more engagement, better conversions and a better ROI
  • Knowing what accounts you’re targeting and how much business you ultimately gain from them makes it easier to measure ROI
  • With shrinking budgets overall, you need to reduce as much budget waste as possible to ensure the best bang for your buck

ABM on LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, you can display custom advertising messages to key stakeholders of your target companies. The messages can be customized not only for the overarching needs of the target company, but also for an individual’s attributes, like job title or job function. For example, stakeholders in Procurement might receive ads focusing on potential cost savings from your offering, while people in Operations might receive ads on time savings gained by your offering.

How we do it

  • Choose your goal and objective.
    • This decision is the foundation of your campaign. It aligns your campaign with the appropriate performance metrics and recommended ad formats to help reach your goals. For example, you may choose brand awareness for top-of-funnel brand building. Or, if your goal is to generate leads, you’re better off selecting a lead generation or website conversion objective.
  • Build the audience.
    • Work with sales to get a list of key contacts within the target account. Hopefully the list contains job titles and locations.
    • Use that list to build the audience within LinkedIn, using combinations like Company Name + Job Title + Location, or Company Name + Job Function + Experience Level + Location.
  • Create the ads.
    • Work with marketing and sales to uncover tailored messaging for the account, and ideally tailored messaging for the different types of people at the account.
    • Design compelling ads in a format that’s best for your goals. For example, we’ve seen some success with static image ads and carousel ads for driving website traffic, but we recommend using animated or video ads when possible. Our experience has shown movement in the ads generates 5x more website clicks at half the cost in comparison to static ads.
  • Install the LinkedIn Insight Tag
    • The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a piece of code that you can add to your website for campaign reporting. You will need this in place to unlock valuable insights about your website visitors.
  • Vigilantly monitor the program and optimize often.
    • Look out for things like ad frequency. Is your budget too thin? How much are you blanketing your audience with your message? We know your audience may need to see your ad more than once in order to make an impact, but when they see it too much it becomes less effective. While there’s no hard and fast rule, CPA tends to rise sharply when frequency rises above 4 views. Plan to refresh creative before reaching that point.
    • Closely monitor performance metrics and make decisions accordingly. Drilling down in LinkedIn reports will show a breakdown of KPIs by audience segment like Job Function, Job Title, Location and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about ABM or other strategies that fit well during today’s unique climate, please let me know.

Customer Experience Motivational Signs

Teleflex is a global provider of medical devices and technologies, which is committed to promoting superior customer experience through its internal “Exceptional Everyday” campaign and an annual “CX Week” event.

For the 2019 event, held at the corporate headquarters in Morrisville, NC, Signal developed a set of promotional materials that included office signage and posters, elevator wraps, LED screen graphics, and email and PowerPoint templates. To extend the reach of Teleflex CX Week beyond the home office, we also supplied asset files to the end-to-end facility in Maple Grove, MN, which employs teams in R&D, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and sales & marketing.

The goal was to celebrate the importance of the customer experience in two different aspects: from a culture perspective with internal customers, and from a revenue perspective with external customers. The connecting principle is affirming to employees that “what you do matters” in saving the lives of patients.

Attends Social Media Marketing

Attends, a brand of Domtar Personal Care, is a pioneer in the incontinence industry, with products that deliver confidence and freedom to millions of people around the world. Domtar has engaged Signal to assume control of the Attends social media channels for planning, content development, design and development of visuals, and scheduling posts.

Our objectives are to help the client build audiences and brand awareness, to reach younger and more active users as well as caregivers, and to drive traffic to designated “Where to Buy” pathways that can be tracked to capture measurement. We plan monthly editorial calendars with a mix of content that includes product profiles, general wellness tips, holiday celebrations, links to relevant third-party articles, and so forth. Each month we review the proposed material with the client for their approval, then create and deploy the posts as agreed.



Increasing awareness while minimizing the stigma of incontinence by engaging users through aspirational content and helpful resources.

  • Increased monthly reach by more than 275,000 people

Driving more product exploration and sample requests to help get users into the right product for their needs.

  • Increased website traffic by 260%
  • Increased direct response actions by 419%

EXOGEN Social Media Marketing

EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System helps patients heal fractures and get back to normal activities faster. Patients have been independently sharing their recovery experiences with EXOGEN on social media. In response, we set up the official Bioventus Instagram profile @exogenbonehealing to help nurture this kind of engagement with the brand. We’ve created and pushed out content every two weeks, focusing on user testimonials and the convenient ease of the device.

Using a social aggregator, we’re capturing positive brand mentions and embedding them on exogen.com. This includes all posts made through the brand’s Instagram profile as well as positive brand mentions with relevant hashtags.

We are continuing these efforts to grow the brand by increasing awareness and turning patients into advocates. We continue sharing educational content and promote the ease of use, convenience and effectiveness of the device. We also continue to nurture user-generated content by encouraging patients who are using the device to share their experience on Instagram, and by aggregating that content on the website adjacent to the more high-production testimonials.


  • Increasing awareness with patients and providers
  • Mitigating risk typically associated with medical device company social channels by streamlining content creation flows with regulatory approvals.
  • Increasing positive patient testimonials
  • Increasing engagement with pro athlete influencers

Microsite Development

Cree Lighting has focused on new technology and transformation in LED lighting products for decades. When they needed a new microsite to help launch their innovative Cadiant Dynamic Skylight, they reached out to the Signal team. The client’s goal was a dynamic, stand-alone microsite to break the current branded mold they’d created.

Our team developed a memorable, interactive site for clients and prospects, one designed to convey a refined and elevated aesthetic that architects and lighting designers are accustomed to. Features include:

  • A beautiful visual experience evoking the effect of Cadiant lighting (“bringing the outdoors in”)
  • Informative embedded product introduction videos
  • Clean interactive and responsive scrolling design, incorporating the latest best practices in UX and UI
  • Next-step opportunities to request an appointment to see the skylight in person

Analytics are fully integrated into the website and a custom dashboard reports performance in awareness, engagement and conversions.