Fracture Locator Tool and Instagram Posts

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting healthcare providers’ ability to work face-to-face with their patients and staff. Bioventus, a long-time Signal client, developed its @Home Experience program to help ensure that patients with fractures would receive thorough education on using their EXOGEN® bone healing devices – all without in-person interaction to keep patients and medical staff safe.

To support the program, Bioventus asked Signal to develop an interactive EXOGEN Fracture Locator Tool to help physicians give their patients a better understanding of their injury and treatment. The healthcare provider can mark the exact location of a patient’s fracture on a visual model, then give the patient an image for reference in positioning the EXOGEN bone stimulator device for at-home treatments.

The Signal team also developed a series of Instagram video posts to raise awareness about the Fracture Locator Tool.

The collaboration is a great example of Bioventus’ trust in our team to help them solve problems with digital sales enablement tools.

Stylus Configurator Development

Cree Lighting’s Stylus Linear Series can be configured in a multitude of ways – everything from type of mounting to suspension length, voltage and output color. The Signal team designed and developed the Stylus Configurator as a powerful sales enablement tool to help educate users, both internal and external.

With creative intelligence in mind, we collaborated with Cree Lighting internal teams to build in necessary call-to-action conversion, tracking and analytics – all geared towards streamlining and optimizing campaigns, and maximizing performance. Ultimately, the tool will help turn internal team members into advocates, and external distributors into loyal customers.

Multi-Year Agreement Configurator

INNIO Group is a leading solutions provider of gas engines and power equipment, formed through the spinoff of General Electric’s former Distributed Power business. INNIO’s innovative gas engines offer customers around the world the ability to generate reliable, sustainable power. When they needed a way to more effectively manage service contracts, they reached out to Signal for a solution. INNIO’s goal was to replace three existing legacy systems with a single platform to streamline contract workflow from initial drafting to customer negotiation and final delivery.

The Signal team helped to develop a Multi-Year Agreement Configurator – a central platform for managing contractual obligations under long-term service agreements. It was a distributed Agile project, with a core team based remotely in the US and Europe. Signal handled UX design, UI design and prototyping, UI development and REST services integration.

The innovative platform allows the client to directly create offering and contract documents. It also features a calculation and pricing tool, as well as a repository for terms and conditions (Ts & Cs). The Configurator also allows INNIO to conduct scenario modeling of financial calculations to show how profitable a contract will be.

GE Lifecycle Tool

Waukesha LifeCycle Forecasting Tool

Waukesha reciprocating gas engines are used for power generation, gas compression and mechanical drive applications in harsh, remote environments.

LifeCycle is a forecasting tool that helps GE’s customers calculate and predict operating expenses for Waukesha gas engines over their entire life cycle, from commissioning to bottom end overhaul. Users can generate customized, interactive reports to show the cost of fuel, lubrication, parts, and labor based on their specific application.

The concept for the application was based on a legacy system that was not being utilized because it was outdated and difficult to use. GE worked with Signal using an Agile design and development process to create a completely redesigned web application based on the latest technologies.

Steps we took included:

  • Created user personas and customer journey maps to understand user goals and expectations for the application.
  • Designed wireframes and high-fidelity interactive prototypes and presented to internal stakeholders and customers.
  • Refined application features and functionality based on user feedback.
  • Developed the web application and integrated with internal systems based on a product backlog of features and GE’s technical requirements.

The Waukesha LifeCycle tool provides users with improved customer experience and increases the productivity of GE engineers by allowing them to instantly generate reports when selling new engines or planning to upgrade existing units. The tool also gives GE better intelligence on customer needs and the actual life cycle of Waukesha engines through analytics obtained from users.

ZR Series Product Selector Tool


Cree is a market-leading innovator of LED lighting and semiconductor solutions for wireless and power applications. Cree’s ZR series of indoor LED lighting products features many variations – creating a challenge for customers and sales teams to navigate the options and detailed product specs on Cree’s website. The company engaged Signal to find an easier way to help customers find the best product match for their needs, fast and efficiently.


Signal worked with Cree to develop the interactive ZR Series Product Selector tool, which takes users through a series of questions to help choose between product options. The intuitive tool asks about key areas such as:

  • Main objective (reduce energy bill, maximize ROI, improve employee environment, etc)
  • Color quality requirements
  • Financial goals
  • Product application
  • Technological needs

Features of the Selector tool include:

  • An enjoyable user experience characterized by fresh, fun graphics and animations
  • Ability to share the product results in the form of an email
  • User tracking activity to help Cree capture leads
  • Mobile, responsive design for use on the go – and on any device
  • Gives users a top option and a runner up product
  • Compatibility report with a percentage match for how well the product fits with the user’s answers


Customers, third-party distributors and Cree sales teams are now using the ZR Series Product Selector tool to cut through the noise and hone in on the best solution for their customers’ needs. After about one minute with the tool, users receive recommended products with spec sheet downloads, quick product specs, application type and the main benefits.

Gas Turbine Upgrades Experience

GE Power’s Aeroderivatives business leverages GE Aviation technology to build gas turbine power generation systems. The product line has service lines that provide planned, contractual services agreements as well as as-needed conversions, modifications, and upgrades to keep customer fleets running smoothly.

Current customers have been largely unaware of relevant offerings available or where to find the information they need to take advantage. They have tended to learn of these upgrades through interactions with their GE sales reps. Given the number of solutions, it’s difficult for customers to understand what’s right for their equipment based on their business KPIs. Customers need proof points (such as ROI) to understand the value of CM&Us and help them sell the idea and value internally.

GE Power’s goal was to drive awareness and purchase of upgrades for aeroderivative gas turbines and leverage the tool as part of a lead generation campaign to generate and track engagement with the tool and promote awareness of GE solutions.

Our Solution

Signal created a customer-facing online product selector tool with embedded calculators that helps customers:

  • Identify relevant upgrades
  • Access immediate pricing estimates and value calculations
  • Enjoy a more streamlined proposal process.

We employed an agile development methodology that included the following:

  • UX design with customer validation points throughout
  • UI design with customer feedback
  • Application development to build the tool and connect it with existing systems (SSO login, Marketo Marketing automation, Salesforce, performance modeling systems, global install base)


The new upgrades tool provides clarity around the available catalog, allowing customers to self-select the performance measures most important to their business needs and arm themselves with price estimates to shorten the sales cycle. This has resulted in making conversations with sales and technical experts more direct, relevant and efficient. Currently, a lead generation campaign is underway to drive more customers to the tool.

Global Insights Sales Enablement Tool

This Global Insights sales enablement tool uses data visualization to make GE marketing intelligence more accessible and useful to their sales teams. Accessing a secure login, users can slice and dice data by product category and geography – for example, figures on renewable wind energy in France – in order to develop insights and sell more effectively.

XiLi Mobile Application

XiLi Mobile is a software-as-a-service real estate tool that uses mobile technology and automation to connect home buyers to relevant listings. From anywhere in the U.S., buyers can send a text message and immediately receive a personalized URL to view listing information for nearby properties for sale. In addition, buyers can connect with the associated sales agents via SMS.

Real estate brokerages pay a subscription fee to have their listings given featured priority in XiLi’s database and to receive leads via SMS. Text messages create the opportunity for immediate dialogue between buyers and agents.

XiLi Mobile is web-based – not a native app – and features a simple and sleek user interface with a responsive design that is optimized for any browser-enabled smartphone.

The application connects with multiple national MLS databases to continually refresh information for approximately 2 million real estate listings. Integration with a variety of third-party APIs enables text messaging, geo-location and payment functionality to automate all business processes.

Nuclear Energy Services App

Client Profile

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy is a world-leading provider of advanced reactor technology and nuclear services. Established in June 2007, GE Hitachi is part of a global nuclear alliance created by GE and Hitachi to serve the nuclear industry. The company’s three main product lines include advanced reactor technologies, nuclear services, and nuclear fuel cycle. GE Hitachi has more than 2,500 global employees and is headquartered in Wilmington, NC.


GE Hitachi came to Signal with the objective to create an engaging iPad app showcasing service offerings in nuclear plant safety and maintenance. The app would be a sales tool supplementing conventional printed fact sheets in the sales force’s interactions with customers. The client wanted the app to present dynamic multimedia content in a clear, sophisticated manner to match the company’s technological innovations, with the ability to make later updates and additions.


Signal organized and edited the client’s provided content assets under the eight highest-profile services categories. We met with each individual service team to identify and understand their main message points. As part of our discovery process, we audited what materials they had, compared these to the messaging objectives, and reconciled any gaps.

Ultimately we assembled a range of iPad app features including splash screens, demo animations, scrolling technical diagrams with interactive hot spots, video clips, 3-D renderings, photo galleries, fact sheets and ad slicks. All content was built into the app to ensure functionality without an Internet connection.

As a pre-visualization tool, Signal created a wireframe model of the app’s entire structure. This detailed wireframe served as a vehicle for revisions and approvals, giving the client a clear understanding of how the app would look and function before it was actually coded. This enabled the programming to proceed smoothly with an approved content road map in place.

The completed project was published as an enterprise app, not available through the conventional App Store but distributed internally to the GE Hitachi sales force. The app serves as a “one stop shop” collecting all key marketing materials on the featured services together in one location, in a manner the company had never done before.


Our clients at GE Hitachi have expressed great satisfaction with the iPad app. Expansions are being planned for a future update, and other departments at the company are interested in developing apps of their own. Following are some comments from GE Hitachi personnel:

“The systems that we sell are highly complex. I can’t carry that to a customer’s site. So having something like the iPad app helps to convey the technology… It’s a really cool way to tie all aspects of the system together in front of the customer and show them how they benefit each other.”

– Eric Mino, Manager of Controls and Systems Upgrades.

“I think this app is going to help us sell in that it has a wow factor to it. It really has a techie feel and our customers are technical in nature.”

– Sean Fuller, Regional Sales Leader

“By working with Signal, we were able to develop and implement a very effective Enterprise iPad app for our commercials teams. This tool directly led to the sale of some of our highest profile new products. Enabling the teams to literally show these tools in action made all the difference.”

– Christopher White, Communications Leader