Not Afraid to Work Photo Contest


Syngenta (G&S Communications)

Campaigns, Content, Mobile, Social, Web

Working with Syngenta to launch the #NotAfraidToWork campaign sponsored by celebrity Mike Rowe, G&S Communications partnered with Signal to build a unique digital and social experience – something different and engaging that would impel users to share photos and stories about hardworking people and tools.

The key was to create a site that was user-friendly. It had to be easy for people of all ages and backgrounds to participate. With Syngenta’s goals in mind, Signal designed a website that creatively incorporates user-generated content, along with clearly communicating  important contest and product information.

Within two weeks of the launch, hundreds of users had submitted their photos. At the completion of the 7-month campaign, Syngenta selected winners for numerous prizes in recognition of their hard work.