Multi-Year Agreement Configurator



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INNIO Group is a leading solutions provider of gas engines and power equipment, formed through the spinoff of General Electric’s former Distributed Power business. INNIO’s innovative gas engines offer customers around the world the ability to generate reliable, sustainable power. When they needed a way to more effectively manage service contracts, they reached out to Signal for a solution. INNIO’s goal was to replace three existing legacy systems with a single platform to streamline contract workflow from initial drafting to customer negotiation and final delivery.

The Signal team helped to develop a Multi-Year Agreement Configurator – a central platform for managing contractual obligations under long-term service agreements. It was a distributed Agile project, with a core team based remotely in the US and Europe. Signal handled UX design, UI design and prototyping, UI development and REST services integration.

The innovative platform allows the client to directly create offering and contract documents. It also features a calculation and pricing tool, as well as a repository for terms and conditions (Ts & Cs). The Configurator also allows INNIO to conduct scenario modeling of financial calculations to show how profitable a contract will be.

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