Get Ready Now for Re-Entry

Prepare to greet your returning workforce with good communications

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed the need for clear communication within companies to let employees know the employer is committed to their health and safety.

As pandemic restrictions begin to ease, reopening the workplace will certainly be a complex and multifaceted process.

We are helping our clients get prepared in advance by thinking through the workplace signage and communications materials required to facilitate the re-entry process.

In the near term, during the early phases of the re-opening process, your facilities will require signage and infographics to communicate company policies and best practices to promote safe and considerate behavior. Consider the following examples:

  • Floor decals and space markers
  • Front desk notices to returning employees and visitors
  • Cafeteria/break room signs
  • Elevator policies
  • Maximum capacity notices
  • Pop-up banners
  • LED screens

Customer Spotlight: LabCorp contacted Signal for development and production of about 30 pieces of reentry signage to be used in their global facilities. Consisting of floor decals, LCD screen messages, pop-up banners, and customizable poster templates of various sizes, these signs are to be accessed via an intranet portal where managers can either place orders or download PDFs to print with office printers. The approved English versions are being translated into several different languages.

Beyond Signage

Longer term, you will need ongoing communications to inform staff of cleaning and disinfecting practices, how to report issues, and what to expect with regard to the inevitable ongoing updates, since things can change very quickly. Examples might include the following:

  • Workplace readiness guides
  • Email announcement templates
  • Corporate screensavers
  • Communications support for HR teams
  • Intranet pages or microsite
  • Videos with key personnel to convey guidelines/best practices
  • Webinar presentations

While you focus on your re-entry policies and maintaining employee safety and confidence, you can turn to Signal for the production of effective and professional communications materials.

Want to learn more? Ask Signal how we can help with your re-entry planning.


Jim Ellis - Vice President, Account Director

By: Jim Ellis

Vice President, Account Director

Jim manages the business development team and offers seasoned expertise in account management, digital marketing and brand strategy. As a songwriter and musician with a business degree, he believes this “dual personality” gives him the understanding needed to be an effective liaison between business owners and Signal’s talented creative team.

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