First Step

What kind
of player are

Are you an Achiever, Socializer, Explorer, or Killer? The Bartle game player classification system tells us how we like to play. Take the test to see your player personality!

Second Step

Which statement best describes you?

I like to interact and share with other people.

I like to spend time understanding the circumstances.

I like to use my skills to take charge of situation.

I like to set goals and acheive them.

Third Step

Would you rather...

Gain recognition for your individual success.

Collaborate in a team to win.

Discover new ways of doing things.

Find strategies to crush the competition.

Fourth Step

How do you handle a challenging project?

Do what it takes to make sure I finish.

Think outside the box and try a different tactic.

Assemble talented people and succeed together.

Put effort into doing a better job than my coworkers.

Fifth Step

When do you feel your best?

When I am having a new adventure.

When I am able to help someone.

When I find a cool new hack.

When I have something to show off.

Sixth Step

Finish this statement: I'm motivated by...

Sharing my knowledge.

Feeling like I’m #1.

Meeting my goal.

Giving gifts and rewards.

Seventh Step

How would you describe yourself in one word?





It's a Tie!

You exhibit the characteristics of both player types listed here

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