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EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System helps patients heal fractures and get back to normal activities faster. Patients have been independently sharing their recovery experiences with EXOGEN on social media. In response, we set up the official Bioventus Instagram profile @exogenbonehealing to help nurture this kind of engagement with the brand. We’ve created and pushed out content every two weeks, focusing on user testimonials and the convenient ease of the device.

Using a social aggregator, we’re capturing positive brand mentions and embedding them on exogen.com. This includes all posts made through the brand’s Instagram profile as well as positive brand mentions with relevant hashtags.

We are continuing these efforts to grow the brand by increasing awareness and turning patients into advocates. We continue sharing educational content and promote the ease of use, convenience and effectiveness of the device. We also continue to nurture user-generated content by encouraging patients who are using the device to share their experience on Instagram, and by aggregating that content on the website adjacent to the more high-production testimonials.


  • Increasing awareness with patients and providers
  • Mitigating risk typically associated with medical device company social channels by streamlining content creation flows with regulatory approvals.
  • Increasing positive patient testimonials
  • Increasing engagement with pro athlete influencers
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