Americas 2020 Annual Kickoff Inspirational Video



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Headquartered in France, bioMérieux is a worldwide leader in microbiological testing solutions for medical and industrial applications. The company engaged Signal for turnkey production of an inspirational video for their America Annual Kickoff Meeting, to be played as an introduction for the executive keynote address.

The goal was to motivate the audience of sales field teams to navigate and overcome challenges in the changing healthcare landscape, tying in with the meeting’s motif of kayaking through whitewater rapids by means of skill and teamwork. The video used a symbolic “kayak instructor” as a narrator over outdoor action scenes, interspersed with testimonials from bioMérieux sales reps and other experts. Signal edited the script and developed storyboards based on the client’s general outline.

The original concept was to film these testimonials on location at a riverbank setting, but weather conditions on the day of the shoot forced a change of plans. We adapted by shooting these segments in a studio set against greenscreen, and composited stock footage of nature scenery in post-production.

The completed video met with positive response at the client’s event. The executive giving the keynote was reportedly “pleased and genuinely enthusiastic with it,” and leadership from the home office was also impressed.

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