3 Ways to Refresh Your Content Marketing in 2014

Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king” back in 1996. This sentiment holds true today. Content marketing – providing valuable information and content to existing and prospective customers – is a cornerstone of good business.

Content marketing doesn’t just generate sales – it builds solid relationships and spreads brand awareness. This is critically important in the life sciences industry, where customers are slow to commit and slow to change. A recent survey of the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn notes that 82% of survey respondents are planning to increase content production as a marketing strategy.

So content marketing is important. And you’re already doing it: creating a blog on your corporate website; delivering personalized email messages to prospects; securing paid placements on industry hubs such as FiercePharma or FierceBiotech; or spreading word-of-mouth on social media. Here’s how we recommend keeping it fresh for 2014.

  1. Create a content marketing mission statement. When you hear “mission statement,” do you think “buzzwords and fluff?”  Not always so. Spend some time asking your team why you’re creating content – and for whom – and reap the benefits of having something concrete to guide your efforts.
  2. Implement retargeting. Retargeting – or remarketing, as it’s also known – is another way to reach prospects who have already shown interest in your business. Tag your critical websites to track prospects as they browse your content. This will allow you to stay engaged as prospective customers browse the web and are regularly redirected back to your site. Retargeting helps increase brand recognition and recall, drives visitors back to your site, and increases the effectiveness of your SEO and content marketing tactics.
  3. Make your content snackable. In a world of information overload, people crave bite-sized chunks of information. “Snackable” content, as the name implies, is designed for quick and easy audience consumption – like this article you’re reading now! It creates meaning by offering useful references or stories and may also use ample visuals to keep things concise. Note that snackable content is increasing in perceived effectiveness, compared to the decline of the white paper, that venerable staple of life sciences communications.

Please ask questions and share stories in the comments section. And if you’d like to learn even more about content marketing, see our Life Sciences Marketing portal page for case studies and other content specifically written for marketing professionals in your industry.

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