Welcome to Signal 3.0: The Intersection of Consistency & Change

30 is a big number. It’s a daunting age with a bad reputation. So, we decided we aren’t turning 30 this year. Instead, we’re transitioning and transforming into an even better version of ourselves – Signal Version 3.0.

What is Signal 3.0? It’s the consistency and stability of three decades of work alongside innovation, creativity and a willingness to just say “yes.” Signal 3.0 lives and thrives at the juxtaposition of consistency and change.

“As much as we are proud of our history and legacy, we are even more excited to look ahead to what’s next,” Partner and VP, Account Director Jim Ellis said.

Consistency is what helps us build trust with our clients and employees. We were founded on the core values of integrity, humility, grit and hard work, and that will never change.

“The 30 years represents stability,” Partner and VP, Client Services Phil Stephens said. “It represents security that we’ve been here and we’re going to continue to be here.”

On the other hand, change is what has allowed Signal to last this long. We have always been ready to dive headfirst into new technology, whether we knew what we were diving in for or not. It’s in our DNA to eagerly take on any new projects our clients ask for. That’s how Signal has evolved, by adding new skills ahead of the curve to provide the highest quality deliverables to our clients.

“We were always willing to jump into the latest technology and do whatever we can to be a step ahead and meet the demands of a customer problem,” Partner and VP, Creative Services John Gibson said.

Consistency keeps us grounded; change drives us into the future. Signal relies on both to keep going. Our clients trust us to tackle the hard stuff because we have both the proven experience and a willingness to try new things.

“Our clients are the ones that help nudge us into things. They’ll say, ‘Hey, have you ever done this before?’ And we’ll just jump into it,” President Ricky Haynes said.

Change is not easy, and Signal has seen lots of it. But for 30 years, our Signal family of clients, employees and friends has stood by and supported us through it all, and for that we are so grateful.

Signal 3.0 isn’t slowing down. We will continue to be the strong back our clients can trust. Sure, we turned 30 today, but Signal 3.0 is tomorrow.