Website Redesign

Ora is the world’s leading full-service ophthalmic research organization, with 40+ years of global experience in clinical trial design and management for drug and device development in the field of ophthalmology. The firm engaged Signal to redesign their website to meet their updated brand standards and improve user experience (UX).

We reorganized the site’s structure for better readability. Whereas the previous site had many levels of subpages on Ora’s services that the user could get lost in, we made the content easier to get through with the use of a detailed mega-menu and clear index pages. We also eliminated unnecessary and inconsistent navigation elements, and revised fonts and text styling to be more legible and comply with ADA standards. The site is thoroughly optimized for mobile, even with all its organizational complexity.

The client also asked us to add warmth and friendliness to the site, which was originally written by scientists and engineers. We edited the content to be more inviting and take into account the perspectives and concerns of Ora’s target customers. We also changed the style of the imagery from being predominantly cold and clinical to include more human elements.

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