GE Lifecycle Tool

Waukesha LifeCycle Forecasting Tool

Waukesha reciprocating gas engines are used for power generation, gas compression and mechanical drive applications in harsh, remote environments.

LifeCycle is a forecasting tool that helps GE’s customers calculate and predict operating expenses for Waukesha gas engines over their entire life cycle, from commissioning to bottom end overhaul. Users can generate customized, interactive reports to show the cost of fuel, lubrication, parts, and labor based on their specific application.

The concept for the application was based on a legacy system that was not being utilized because it was outdated and difficult to use. GE worked with Signal using an Agile design and development process to create a completely redesigned web application based on the latest technologies.

Steps we took included:

  • Created user personas and customer journey maps to understand user goals and expectations for the application.
  • Designed wireframes and high-fidelity interactive prototypes and presented to internal stakeholders and customers.
  • Refined application features and functionality based on user feedback.
  • Developed the web application and integrated with internal systems based on a product backlog of features and GE’s technical requirements.

The Waukesha LifeCycle tool provides users with improved customer experience and increases the productivity of GE engineers by allowing them to instantly generate reports when selling new engines or planning to upgrade existing units. The tool also gives GE better intelligence on customer needs and the actual life cycle of Waukesha engines through analytics obtained from users.