Fortalis Product Launch

Plant Impact develops innovative crop enhancement products that increase crop yield and quality. This UK-based company engaged Signal as a full-service partner to help them enter the U.S. market with the launch of Fortalis, a scientifically proven product for soybean. Our goal was to develop a primarily digital strategy to create brand awareness and engagement with soybean growers in five key states in the Midwest. Additional audiences included crop consultants, advisors, university researchers, ag media and retailers – groups interested in learning more about innovations to help their clients improve soybean crop ROI.

Email / direct mail  

The Signal team started with a series of segmented e-blasts to introduce Plant Impact, their track record of success in other countries, and the Fortalis product. Additional e-blasts were geared towards growers who had participated in Plant Impact product trials. We called these early adopters “Fortalis Forerunners.”


Signal created a dedicated website, to support the product launch. The website features a clean scrolling design and impactful imagery. It’s also interactive, featuring a simple ROI calculator tool and other resources to help educate growers about how Fortalis can improve their soybean yields.

Product video

The Signal team created an instructional video which explains the science and technology behind how the product works. The video is featured on the microsite and has been used for marketing.

Brochure / tradeshow collateral

We developed a comprehensive product brochure, as well as tradeshow collateral and displays for Plant Impact’s booth at the premier ag industry event, Commodity Classic.

Social strategy / promoted social ads

The Signal team created Facebook and Twitter pages for audience engagement, and activated a detailed social strategy which included regular posts and promoted ads.


Currently, the brand has inked three main distributor agreements which represent not only the Midwest, but distribution to the retail channel throughout the entire US. Signal is seeing tremendous engagement on completed forms online and links from our efforts. We look forward to seeing even more results as Plant Impact and Fortalis “grow” their brand in the US!

data visualization

A Fresh Take on Data Visualization

New take on data visualization

Data visualization is at a watershed moment. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a new data visualization program, but we’re far from reaching what Visual Matters calls “peak dataviz.” The fact is that our brain’s visual wiring means that infographics are the most effective way to communicate data. And we’re still in the early stages of transitioning to a future where data-driven storytelling, fueled by the prevalence of Big Data across all industries, will be the norm. Stay ahead of the curve with these current data visualization trends.

Don’t forget the story.


data points infographics
It’s not enough to simply choose the right data set. Your infographic must tell a clear and captivating story, with key data points as the main characters. Think about the success of the graphics organizations at publications like FiveThirtyEight, the New York Times and USA Today – all master storytellers who use data to take readers on a journey.

Think “social first.”


social media bite sized infographics
Social sharing should be top of mind when you build narratives around your data. Create snackable infographics, to be consumed in social feeds where they can hook viewers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, like these lively examples from Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill.

Keep it moving.


animated infographic
With the evolution of technology, data visualization is moving more toward animation and interactivity. How can you engage your audience in your data narrative with movement? This awesome data visualization shows how powerful an addition animation can be.

Make it easy to be green.


pantone greenery
Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 into your infographics. Greenery 15-0343 is the color they say predicts visual and design trends for the year to come. It’s about new beginnings, freshness and a renewed focus on our environment. Other popular colors predicted for 2017: khaki, olive green, red brick, maroon and charcoal gray.

tips for standing out at a tradeshow

6 Tips for an Unforgettable Tradeshow Booth

Tips for an unforgettable tradeshow booth

People come to tradeshows and conferences to network and to learn. They also come for a more tangible, personal connection to a brand – something you just can’t get online. Forbes magazine notes that the allure of tradeshows persists because “people, relationships and first-hand impressions matter.” Help your brand story shine in a bold new way and pull in the tradeshow heroes: your booth guests! Make your tradeshow booth the best it can be, with some new thinking we’ve assembled for your consideration.

Make your booth a must-see

1. Quiz show.engage at tradeshows with quizes

No one liked a pop quiz at school, but asking relevant questions in an interactive format can effectively grab attention.

  • Bold graphics
  • Hands-on quiz users have to click through and learn about

Gets people engaged in a hands-on way, so they form a positive impression of you.

2. Video simplicity.tell your story with video

Make sure your videos tell an important story. No one wants to watch an overstuffed video that drones on and on.

  • A 20 – 30 second microvideo
  • Clean, crisp copy

Tells your story in a moment of time – more engaging than longer videos.

3. Interactive wall with a human connection.interactive walls

Make sure that visitors spend time with the wall – but have the wall connect them to the human participants as well.

  • Large-form look
  • Visitors can touch and play
  • Representatives on hand to answer questions

People get to live your message. That way, they will be inspired to share about you.

4. Booth layout is very and spacious booth layout

It needs to feel open and spacious. Let people interact with you in an uncommitted way.

  • At least one wall has to be open.
  • Don’t give your space a cave-like feel.

Psychology says that people like to have an out. Make them feel chill in your space.

5. Push notifications.push notifications

Not only does your booth have to be cool: you have to alert people to your booth and get them to stop by.

  • Work via mobile apps
  • Gamify (treasure hunt)?

Become embedded in their daily phone activity and they will come to you… to claim a prize or just say hello.

6. Use bright, attractive signage.bright signage

Think “Times Square” big. Coca-Cola, anyone?

  • Big, simple imagery rules right now. Convey your brand in an image. Two. Three, at most.

When your copy and design are clean and simple, people are drawn to you.

A great tradeshow booth can mean the difference between visitors who engage with your messaging – and those who just smile as they walk by.